5 Self Tanning Products and Tips for That Perfect Year-Round Glow


5 Self Tanning Products and Tips for That Perfect Year-Round Glow

I am not afraid to admit that I am a huge fan of self-tanning products! I’ve been self-tanning for over a decade and have tried countless products.
A good self-tanner has had my back when I have had last-minute plans, a tropical vacation in the dead of winter, and awkward uneven tan lines to cover up.
Most importantly, let’s also not forget how using a sunless tanner can save our skin from the harmful damage caused by the sun or tanning beds.

If achieving a beautiful sunkissed glow is what you are looking for then finding the right tanning product is a great idea! Out of the many, I have personally tried and the opinions of other women I have consulted, I have come up with a list of just five of my favorites.

Top Five Favorite Self Tanning Products:

1. Loving Tan – Deluxe Bronzing Mousse
I have been using Loving Tan for years now and it will probably always be my number one go-to. It is easy to apply and does not leave streaks or uneven spots. The product is available in multiple shades. It does not have a horrible self-tanner smell. The color appears natural, not orange. This is a great product if you’re looking for a quick darker colored tan.

2. Isle of Paradise – Self Tanning Drops
I just starting using this product a year ago and it is well worth the hype! This tanning product is definitely perfect for someone who is looking for a product they can use on their face. The self-tanning drops are designed so you can control how much tanner you would like to add to the moisturizer of your choice that you mix with it and then apply. The product has no unpleasant self-tanner smell and it is non-toxic. This product also has color-correcting technology, so no weird streaks. It offers light, medium, and dark tan options.

3. Bondi Sands – Self Tanning Foam

This is a great product that is loved for its tropical coconut scent. The self-tanner is a lightweight foam that dries quickly, is easy to apply, and creates a nice deep even tan. Bondi Sands offers a variety of tanning products in a range of shades. It can conveniently be found at stores like Walgreens. 

4. L’oreal Sublime Bronze -Self Tanning Water Mousse

This self-tanner is a great product that won’t break the bank! Sublime Bronze is another product that is easy to find, most grocery and drug stores carry the product. This is a nice tanner if you are looking for a buildable tan and not too dark after just one application. The product has a coconut scent that lasts and no noticeable self-tanner smell. It is hydrating, streak-free, and easy to apply. 

5. St. Tropez – Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse

St. Tropez is a great go-to brand for a variety of tanning products. Their Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse is a good choice if you are looking for a deep tan that is going to last. It is easy to apply, goes on smoothly, and creates an instant bronzed look. 

Okay, let’s get tanning! 

Sunless Tanning Tips:

1. Before you tan:

Before you put on any self-tanner you need to exfoliate. In the shower, use a washcloth scrub, or loofa that will exfoliate and remove any dead skin or previous tanner. You also want to shave prior to tanning. Exfoliating is an important step that allows the tanner to go on smoothly and lay evenly on your skin. 

2. While you tan:

All sunless tanners are different so be sure to read the directions that are provided. 

It is highly recommended that you use a tanning mitt while applying the self-tanner so your hands do not turn orange. For the best streak-free results use a circular motion when applying. Be mindful when applying the product near and on your feet and hands. Using too much product on your feet and hands can cause it to look orange or splotchy so stick to using very little product in those areas. A good tip is to use the excess product on the mitt for the top of your hands and feet.

Lastly, be sure to allow the tanner to fully dry. If you are getting a spray tan or using a mousse, wear loose-fitting clothing to allow your skin to fully absorb the product. For best results sleep with the product on and shower it off the next day. 

3. After you tan:

When it is time to shower take a warm or lukewarm shower to avoid causing the tan to become spotty. Do not exfoliate until you want to remove the tan. Be sure to moisturize daily to help the tan last as long as possible. 

Is a good self-tanner one of your favorite beauty secrets, too? Which one is your tried-and-true!? 

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