7 Days of Easy, Delicious Recipes


A year ago, around this time I bought a $9 magnetic calendar on Amazon and decided I was going to commit to start writing out my weekly meal plans. Having a set weekly plan allows me to see all that our week entails, including any gatherings we have planned for the week (birthdays, date nights, friends over, etc.). It makes shopping at the grocery store SO much easier, and I love to just look up on the fridge and know what I need to make for the night. I just love that making dinner is one less thing I have to spend a ton of time thinking about, thanks to my useful calendar.

I don’t like to eat the same things from week to week, so I love to mix it up! Mixing it up can be hard when you just want some easy, simple recipes. So I compiled a list of some of our favorite recipes that are quick, easy, and super yummy.

  1. Korean Beef over Rice
  2. Baked Feta Pasta (This is a current TikTok hit! So much so, stores in Finland were running out of Feta everywhere because everyone wanted to make this delicious pasta. ) * Also, feel free to add rotisserie chicken if you want some added protein.
  3. Homemade Crunch Wrap Supreme
  4. Slow Cooker Creamy Tomato Basil Tortellini Soup Instead of carrots, I usually add diced zucchini! Also, feel free to add rotisserie chicken if you want some added protein.
  5. Mississippi Roast Note: I don’t like to use the full dry ranch seasoning and au jus packets, to help cut down on the sodium intake.
  6. Angel Hair Chicken Pasta  Note: I like to cut my chicken breasts into small chunks.
  7. Beef and Broccoli

Hope you enjoy an easy week of meal planning and food prep. Bon appetit!

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Jenna Sims
Jenna Sims is a stay at home momma who currently resides in Maumee, Ohio with her husband Grant and daughter Sadie. Together, they enjoy exploring Toledo’s metro parks, scoping out some killer food at local restaurants, and finding fun events to attend within their community. When they aren’t exploring their community, Jenna and Grant are slaving away on their new fixer-upper. Check out their journey on Instagram @thisoldbrickhouse. Aside from renovations, Jenna is passionate about fitness, being outdoors, and anything vintage or antique related; especially shopping at local estate sales and the Maumee Antique Mall.


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