A New Man


Daddy time! One of my most favorite times as a mama. To truly watch my daughters bond with their daddy leaves me overflowing with fullness and joy. He tells the truth in the funniest of ways. Is the littlest kiddo of the bunch. Always teaching them every day is a new day to grow and learn just like dad! Becoming a wiser new man and a new woman. When you need him dad is always there in a flash. Our homes fearless,  but gentle, bold in love and excitement leader.

Daddy, our real superhero!

When I married my husband I never knew I would fall in love again with him daily because of his daddy skills! I guess I really didn’t even think about how much the role of daddy would need to morph and increase as our two beautiful daughters grew. But what I did think about was how much I did not want daddy to ever be seen as an alcoholic through the children’s eyes. I speak only for myself and judge no one, when I say for me an alcoholic is someone who drinks every day. That is all I knew of my dad growing up, to drink every day. Don’t get me wrong I love my dad with all my heart. I just could never wrap my head around “needing” to drink alcohol daily. My dad is so awesome without it. My favorite times growing up were weekend mornings when my dad would make us breakfast, ask about our week, teach my brother and me cool and exciting things, and always make us laugh.

My sober dad was my favorite dad because he was present with us.

I will always be grateful as a wife and mama for my husband choosing to be present. We both know what the receiving end feels like. I’m sure at times our fathers didn’t even truly understand how much drinking separated them from us. But as parents ourselves we see and understand what it feels like to live in homes where our drinking parent’s actions frighten us and at times stole our fathers from us.

Every day is a new day and the opportunity to be present and live your best life with the ones you love.

We don’t always get to choose our Fathers, but I’m proud of the ones that choose to be the best daddy’s they can be. Staying open-minded to new ways to continue to grow as a dad. To overcome situations and circumstances to put your family first.

Your love is without end and is not just for now and then, but every da.

Thank You Scott Burns for never letting a day go by that our sweethearts and I don’t truly know how extravagantly you love and care for us.

Thank you for becoming a better new man daily. Fathers Day is so much more than a day. It’s celebrating one of our children’s first heroes!




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Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns resides in Berkey, OH with her absolute favorite humans and pets! Her and her sweetheart, one of a kind, says what’s on his mind, hard-working husband of 6 years Scott, two beautiful and brilliant daughters, two Great Danes, 4 chickens, 2 ducks, and one little kitty named Izzy George Washington Catfur Burns established their homestead there 4 years ago. Picture the 1993 Comedy “Son In Law” starring Pauly Shore. Together they are mathletes, cheerleaders, reading enthusiasts, unicorns, NASA bound, mermaids, cool nerds, and artists. Ashley is a former pediatric orthopedic nurse of 11 years who enjoys helping manage their small business Scotty B’s LEDS, LLC. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at her community’s local elementary school, adventures of any kind as long as it’s with her family, and spreading positivity as much as possible! Family and helping others is her true joy!


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