Ashley Granger

Ashley is better-known as Mom to a trio of terrific little boys and their newborn sister and wife to her handsome husband, Jeramey. She's a full-time mom and homeschool teacher at her home in Rossford. She has a couple degrees in teaching and loves reading, researching, teaching, and writing. When Ashley gets a moment to herself she loves to listen to 90’s hip hop at an obscene volume with her minivan windows down and the wind in her dry shampooed hair. She also enjoys filling up her Amazon cart and then putting most of the items into the “save for later” limbo, as well as browsing homeschool curriculum, Instagram memes, Pinterest boards, and wellness blogs. You can read more from Ashley over at and find her on

When Grandma and Grandpa Become Mom and Dad

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Four Tips For a Great Year Of Homeschooling

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The Struggle With Secondary Infertility

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4 Ways To Support A Friend Through A Miscarriage 

    As a mom who has been through three devastating miscarriages, I know how important it was for my village to rally to my side during those difficult times. One in four pregnancies ends in...

Mom Hack: Tips for Taking Kids Shopping with You

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Say Goodbye to Resolutions and Hello to Goals

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