Dani Mullan

Dani M. is a native Toledoan and loves exploring this great city with her husband of 10 years, Kevin. With their 3 kids in tow, they are always up for an adventure. They love spending time with their families, riding bikes, playing outside, and road-trippin'. Dani is a part-time wedding planner and part-time SAHM to Juliet (7), Garrett (4), and Myles (3). If the kids weren’t entertaining enough, they’ve added 2 dogs (Rubble & Elvis) and 3 cats (Charlie, Sebastian & Eliza) to the mix. They’re one big, loud, wild, and fun-loving family.

The Things I’ll Miss Most

I went to step into the shower this morning and looked down. Covering the shower floor were foam letters, plastic boats, rubber duckies, and bath toys galore. I picked them up, gave them a...

Road Trippin’ to Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is such a fantastic city to explore. My brother lives in Columbus so we visit often. It’s a pretty boring 2-2.5 hour drive, but it can easily be done in a day. Pop...

Container Gardening Advice from a Non-Gardening Mama

I want to be a gardener. I really do. I want fruits, veggies and flowers galore! But, those things don’t tell me they’re hungry and thirsty a million times a day like my kids...