Dee Haman

Dee is a single momma of three dynamic kiddos and lives outside of Lima, Ohio. Previously a stay at home momma, she recently jumped back into professional life as a physician assistant. Since life didn’t feel action packed enough, the addition of a goldendoodle named Barkley seems to have added a perfect touch to their organized chaos. She has a new found passion for helping women to make themselves a priority everyday. Five years ago she experienced a drastic life change which gave her the opportunity to make catastrophe into the learning experience of a lifetime. Now she’s ready to share this knowledge with all of you.

Navigating COVID-19 with a Teen

And so it began... While sitting waiting for the kids to get off the school bus, it seemed as though spring was nearing. The bus pulled up and the kids came running to the car...

Dating After Divorce

  The Beginning It happened in the blink of an eye. One day I was a married mother of three and just like that, I am a single mother of three. The motherly instinct in me,...

Parenting with Addiction

Parenting is hard. Single parenting is rough. Parenting in the face of addiction is mind-numbing. Addiction doesn't care where you live, what you drive, or how many children you have. It finds it's way...

The Break We Didn’t Know We Needed

The Daily Routine The past several weeks at our home seemed to roll from one to the next.  Basketball season had ended for the boys with the preparation for baseball season beginning.  Dance competition season...

Friending a Single Momma

What can be so tough about befriending a single momma? She's a girlfriend like any other girlfriend. The two of you talk, have lunch, share playdates with the kids just like any other girlfriend....

The Bachelor: S24 Week 6

Looking for a detailed review of last night's episode of The Bachelor?  You may have come to the wrong place. There will be a discussion of this week's episode but with an unexpected twist....

Single Parenting 101

Single parenting? Where should we begin? I have been a single parent for five years essentially but only two years per legal documents. This was not the path I would have ever chosen for myself...