Jennifer Mae


Un-apologetically Owning My Natural Beauty

Learned Toxicity Do you gals remember in 'Princess Diaries' when Mia wasn't pretty-princess material until she ironed out her curls and muted her quirky personality? The narrative of curly-haired girls who take up space aren't...

Babies in our Hearts, but not Our Arms; A Miscarriage Story

Trigger warning to all you beautiful mothers who have babies in your hearts and minds, but not in your arms.      This was so hard to write. Even three years out from having a...

Birth Mother’s Day: Forgotten Motherhood

I have always stood from my seat when the pastor called for all mothers to be honored on Mother’s Day. Though I had no children in the nursery, nor by my side, I was—am—a...

Broken Hearts from Pandemic Postponed Adoption Visits

Corona canceled visits. Covid-19 remitted reunions. There are many broken hearts from pandemic postponed adoption visits.           No matter how you phrase it, birth/first/biological families (I will refer to them as...