Megan Sankiewicz

Megan Sankiewicz lives in Perrysburg with her 4 favorite people. You can usually find her sipping local coffee, teaching Pure Barre, homeschooling her kids, striking up conversation about strange things like your pelvic floor, elderberry syrup and birth stories or reading a book in the sauna. She's a vocal advocate for postpartum mental health and coaches mamas through pregnancy birth and beyond as @wholemamaadvocate

Expecting Again after Postpartum Mental Health Struggles

If you had been around me at all in the last 2.5 years, you would have heard me talk about how DONE having babies we were. While I love being a mom, weirdly enjoy...

Back to (HOME)School – Tips for the Homeshool Mom

We have just kicked off our FOURTH year of Homeschool in our house with a Kindergartener and a 3rd grader. As we enter a new year, here are my list of tips for getting...

Why I quit folding my kids’ clothes and how it made my life better

The title says it all. That's right. I quit folding my kids’ clothes. First, let me tell you my sad laundry tale.If there has been a child in your home for more than a...