Josie Schreiber

Josie is the quintessential girl mom. She has two girls: Zolie (4) and Holly (<1). Step into her home at any given moment and you’ll likely be pummelled by a pint-sized princess in full ball gown attire. When she hasn’t been roped into playing princesses for the 750th time that week, you can find Josie at one of the many coffee shops in the area or a mommy and me class with her youngest while her oldest is at school. Josie is the mom behind The Momillennial and you can follow her path through motherhood on Instagram at @momillennial.

Guide To Sunflower Fields In NW Ohio

The bees want me to tell you that it’s sunflower season, y’ all. That means several farms and fields in the area are offering U-Pick sunflowers and other fun festivities. Whether you want to...

Raising Readers Twenty Minutes At A Time

20 minutes per day. 1.8 million words per year. That’s all it takes to give your child the gift of reading. Early literacy skills are the foundation for a lifelong love of the written word. Studies have...

Baby Led Weaning 101: A Beginners’ Guide

“What’s on the family menu tonight?” “Cheese tortellini and Italian-style meatballs.” But what about my 8-month-old? Surely she can’t eat pasta and whole meatballs without them being pureed, right? Au Contraire, my friend. While baby food has...

I’m Not Okay, But I’m Trying to Be

Missing deadlines. Losing clients. The house is a disaster. The feeling of failure hits the hardest in the afternoon. My head spins day after day and I can’t turn my brain off. I long for...

Binge-Worthy Podcasts For Trying Times

Trying to fit self-care into the schedule is normally the last thing on our list of daily needs. However, with everything going on right now it doesn't hurt to squeeze it in when you...

How to Survive Pretend Play

COVID-19 has made its way into Ohio and everything around us seems to be shutting down or closing, including K-12 schools. This also means many of the preschool programs in the area are on...

Bachelor Series: S24 Week 8

  Monday nights seem to be the epitome of “mommy time” among my group of friends. Everybody plans their entire routine around The Bachelor. As someone who has never seen a single episode, I could...

Coffee Dates With Kids: The Area’s Best Coffee Shops

Sponsored Post Brought To You By: Sip Coffee  Northwest Ohio is notably known for its Metroparks and other beautiful outdoor scenes, but let’s be honest for a minute. When it’s wintertime and you need to...