Yasonda Ford

Yasonda Ford

Autumn in Toledo: Best Places To View Fall Foliage

As we all know, Summertime in Ohio is pretty amazing...but now it's time to gear up for some truly awesome sights this Autumn in Toledo Area! *NERD ALERT*  if you didn't know, there's this thing...

Why I’m Done Working Out.

Yup, you read that right. I'm done "working out." Now don't go get your resistance bands in a tizzy. Of course I want to exercise. It's the phrase "working out" that gives me anxious vibes. 'll be totally fine...

Nonprofit Spotlight: The Pregnancy Center

Everyone's pregnancy story isn't met with excitement, joy, and happiness. Sometimes the news is devastating, scary, and worrisome. I know first hand what an unexpected pregnancy looks like...the guilt, the shame, the confusion. It's a heavy...

Understanding the Beauty of Kwanzaa

Ever wondered about Kwanzzaa? Too shy to ask your friends and neighbors what's it all about? Well here's a little crash course on the widely observed holiday. First things first: Kwanzaa is derived from the...

I’m not okay: Mothering within the Strong Black Woman Stigma

I'm tired. My tired is tired and there's no end in sight. True, life was hectic B.C. (before corona), but with the recent acceptance of juggling homeschool, plus working a fulltime job, things are a...