Autumn in Toledo: Best Places To View Fall Foliage


As we all know, Summertime in Ohio is pretty amazing…but now it’s time to gear up for some truly awesome sights this Autumn in Toledo Area!

*NERD ALERT*  if you didn’t know, there’s this thing called a Fall Foliage Prediction Map. It’s used to show where and when Fall colors will peak in your neck of the woods each year. Apparently if you live in the Southern part of Ohio the week of October 25th is predicted to be a great time for leaf views. For those in Northern Ohio, the week of October 18th is considered the peak.

Here in Toledo and surrounding areas there are numerous places to check out  nature’s stunning shades of red, brown, purple, yellow, and orange.

The Toledo Metroparks provide the perfect backdrop to get your Fall fix. Among these are the five “river parks” that are along the Maumee River. They offer peaceful water and foliage views as well as wildlife to observe. The five river parks are: Sidecut, Providence, Bend View, Farnsworth, and Middlegrounds.

Other great parks for fall color viewing within the Toledo Metropark system are Pearson, Secor, Wildwood, and Oak Openings. Each location boasts of  comfortable walking/bike trails, and impressive forestry, and stunning views.

Another great option is Maumee Bay State Park. Near Lake Erie and settled on hundreds of acres, Maumee Bay is the perfect place for leaf viewing and outdoor activities.

If boats are more your style, check out the Fall Color Cruise on the Sandpiper. This tour allows you to enjoy all the beauty of Toledo’s changing landscape while cruising down the Maumee River. For more info go to

So what’s your favorite place for Autumn views? Let us know below!



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