Bachelor Series: S24 Week 5 | Part 2


This episode starts off in a new country, Santiago, Chile with the girls arguing, and Mykenna crying (and also doing more odd tongue expressions that we got the first glimpse of in the last episode and are keeping me very entertained).

Hannah Ann Date

Peter chooses Hannah Ann for his first one on one date. They spend the first part of the date exploring the city. They seem to be connecting physically, but he is nervous that she is so young and has never been in love before. This carries on into their dinner, where he even steps away because he is questioning whether she is ready for this and expressing how he doesn’t want to keep hearing her perfect answers to everything. She follows him and has a heart to heart with him where she shares that she is falling in love with him. This seemed to be what Peter needed to hear because he gave her the rose, and said to the camera that he was falling in love with her.

During her date, two date cards arrive at the house, the group date card and the second one on one card for Victoria F expressing that they didn’t get a fair shot on their first one on one. Naturally, there is some jealousy among the ladies, because a few of them haven’t even had an initial one on one with him.

Group Date

The group date card says “Lights, Camera, Action”, which means the girls are in front of the camera again, this time in a Chilean soap opera. The ladies finally get to let loose on this date and just have some fun. It’s pretty entertaining to watch and reminds me of playing dress-up and princesses with my daughter. Chris Harrison even joins in on the action, and frankly, I really enjoyed this small bit of drama-free entertainment that we don’t get to see very often.

During the evening portion of the date, Peter and Victoria P discuss how their relationship seems to be slowing down, and Peter admits that he just doesn’t see her as his wife at the end of this, so he sends her home.

Picking up where she left off the last episode starting arguments, Tammy gets into it with Mykenna saying that she thinks she is too immature for a relationship with Peter, being only 22, and having already packed her bags before the group date, ready to leave because she was upset. Now while Mykenna’s crying and facial expressions do vaguely remind me of how my daughter reacts to things, I think that she is a nice girl who isn’t necessarily handling the stress of this experience well. Tammy is bullying some of the girls and it’s not sitting well with me at all. At one point there is a shot of Natasha rolling her eyes and discussing to the camera how Tammy is just trying to get girls eliminated, and it’s giving me life, I felt like screaming “YES!” at the tv!

Peter’s relationship with Madison seems to be progressing well, and he writes another soap opera script for them to act out that ends up with some passionate kissing. Ultimately, he gives her the rose at the end of the date.

Victoria F Date

Victoria and Peter’s second chance at a first date started off horseback riding and turned into a chat where she brings up a common theme that we hear on the Bachelor. She mentions that she is really struggling with the process and having to see him in serious relationships with other women. Peter is clearly smitten with her, and he has a hard time hearing her talking like this and seeing her put walls up. She continues to talk like this throughout the date and Peter is visibly upset with where their conversation is going. At one point on their date, we even hear her talking to producers in the background about how she doesn’t know if she is even ready for marriage. I’m ready to check out at this point in the date, because, hello, isn’t that the whole point of this show? Despite all of the doubts she expresses, he STILL gives her the rose in the end. At this point, I’m as confused with Peter’s choice as I am with what words are coming out of my toddler’s mouth when she is trying to sing foreign songs she listens to on YouTube (not kidding, pretty sure she knows more Spanish than I do). Anybody else just want to shake some sense into Pilot Pete?!?

Two on One Date

Just when we think it’s time for a cocktail party and rose ceremony, we are thrown a curveball- a date card comes to the door for a two on one date. It announces that Tammy and Mykenna need to arrive at the cocktail party before everyone else. Peter takes the time to chat with each girl to get their side of the story before ultimately sending Tammy home. This is one of those times that I’m legitimately happy to see a girl go home; I know the Bachelor is known for drama, but she was being a mean girl, plain and simple.

Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony

Once Tammy is sent home, we finally have a cocktail party that is drama free, and where Peter has some time to really get to chat with each girl to sort through his feelings. At the rose ceremony, Peter sends home Sydney and Mykenna. I really do feel bad for Mykenna-why make her go through the two on one date if he was just going to send her home mere moments later?

It’s getting to my favorite part of my not so guilty pleasure in the coming weeks when we get to a smaller group of women and get to see real relationships developing. I look forward to it, and hope the drama (at least with the women being catty towards one other) is over since we have enough drama to deal with in our day to day lives as mamas!

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