Bachelor Series: S24 Week 5


Part 1:

Last week we dramatically ended the week with a “to be continued” during the cocktail hour and before the rose ceremony could take place. The ladies were in an uproar that Alayah returned to the mansion and that Peter had the audacity to give her the group date rose.

Alayah Gets Sent Home (Again)

This episode begins with Peter pulling her aside and saying that he thinks it is time to say goodbye (despite giving her the coveted group date rose). Alayah takes the news surprisingly well and agrees that his decision makes sense. I actually kind of expected a tantrum, the toddler style ones I get to hear every day when my daughter doesn’t get what she wants, so I was pleasantly surprised. When he shares the news with the girls, he tells them that he is only human and is going to make mistakes. I can relate to this SO MUCH as a mom. I know I’m going to make mistakes, but I’m trying my best. Is he a little wishy-washy for pulling this? Yes, but as he said he messed up, he’s only human, so let’s just hope he doesn’t make this a regular thing.

Rose Ceremony

The rose ceremony itself is uneventful and 3 ladies go home: Deandra, Kiarra, and Savannah. Then Peter announces that they are traveling to Costa Rica. The girls cheer and look so happy that they are getting out of Cleveland. Their reaction of feigned enthusiasm after being told they were going to Cleveland last week legit reminded me of a child having to pretend to like a present on Christmas morning that you know will never see the light of day.

Peter’s Accident

When they arrive, Peter meets up with the girls and they see he has stitches on his forehead, 22 to be exact. He tells the girls a ridiculous story about hiking and encountering a puma, and then admits he walked into a golf cart, and the glass he was holding shattered, and the rest was history (it even inspired previous Bachelor Nick Viall to rock an awesome Pilot Pete Halloween costume).

Sydney Date

Peter announces his next one-on-one date is with Sydney. They fly until they reach a private picnic set up for the two of them. She and Peter talk and kiss and then he proceeds to tell her she is the best kisser in the house. I don’t know who he picks in the end, but if it isn’t her, I’m not sure the lucky lady will be happy to hear him saying this on camera! They proceed to have a nice dinner date and then make out a WHOLE lot more. It’s good the other ladies can’t see this, because back at the house they seem to be having a hard time with the whole process; in particular, Kelsey. Kelsey seems to be melting down and not handling having to share Pilot Pete with the rest of the ladies very well (think of your child’s reaction to realizing they were going to have to share your attention with a sibling and multiply that times 5).

 Group Date

Then it’s time for the group date, the card reading “Let’s Capture our Love Today”. The ladies are modeling swimsuits for Cosmo magazine. The winner of the shoot gets the honor of being on Cosmo’s cover with Peter. They all take turns getting their photos taken, and then Victoria F is chosen as the winner. Victoria F enjoys her win, as she and Peter spend a lot of time making out (with the other ladies watching of course). Moving on to the evening portion of the date, Kelsey, is the first to share with Peter that she is falling in love with him. Following that, Tammy spends her time with Peter sharing how Kelsey has been freaking out in the house and is acting emotionally unstable. I’m not sure if ratting on Kelsey was the most effective use of her time (I mean does it ever work for your kids when they tattle-tale on one another?), but nevertheless it did give Peter something to think about. In the end, Hannah Ann receives the group date rose.

Kelly Date

Kelley is the next woman to receive on a one on one date. If you remember, she’s the one who met Peter in a hotel lobby before this whole experience began, and they both felt a spark. I feel like the whole episode she has been portrayed as being ambivalent about the whole process, and it continues on into their date. She and Peter spend a lot of time talking about how she seems to be holding back, and as a result, progress in their relationship is stalling a bit. She admits that she has been reserved, but she reassures him that she is all into the process moving forward, and he gives her the rose.

Tammy and Kelsey Drama

The show then continued to focus on the drama between Tammy and Kelsey I alluded to earlier. I’m not going to focus too much on this because it doesn’t deserve it. I know the show always focuses on drama between the ladies as the producers think it makes for “good tv”, but I don’t think it showcases women in a good light, and it provides a poor example for young ladies about how we should treat one another. After the girls have a particularly nasty fight, Kelsey visits Peter to talk it all over with him before the other girls pull him aside to discuss her more. When she is there, he actually gives her a rose early to show his commitment to her, which obviously ruffles a few feathers.

Rose Ceremony

Peter decides to forego the cocktail hour, which causes a lot of cattiness between the girls. Despite all of this, all the parties who took part in the drama are given roses to stay, and Shiann and Lexi go home.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on Friday- there is another episode TONIGHT! That’s right- 5 Bachelor hours in one week! Hopefully, there aren’t too many more crazy surprises from Pete in this episode- I know I’m not much for surprises, it usually means my girl is up to something and I’m going to have a mess on my hands…

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