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This is literally my FAVORITE week of every single season of the Bachelor. I love the drama that comes with the Women Tell All episodes. I mean, I don’t have any of my own drama, so nothing is better than drinking my glass of wine and indulging in some really good drama-packed television. Am I right?!

This episode starts off with the rose ceremony from last week and let’s just say it leaves us all on the edge of our seats waiting to see if Madison arrives – which she does, in case you missed it!

Of course, because it’s the “most dramatic episode ever”!

We get to see Peter and Chris Harrison talking over the fact that Madison gave him the ultimatum and how he doesn’t think he went about this the right way. He is uneasy about the fact that he has no control over what will happen because he has no idea if Madison will show up. This is when you can tell he wants to keep her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so heartbroken about not having control over the situation.

Can we take a second to admire the dresses on these girls?! The glitz and fringe on Hannah Ann’s white dress is stunning! The cream dress on Victoria fits her body so perfectly it makes me swoon! Also Madison in that short red dress?! UGH! LOVEEEE! One of my favorite parts of the bachelor is getting to see all of the dresses on these women and then wishing they were in my closet for an occasion that will probably never come.

Okay, back to the rose ceremony…

Hannah Ann gets the first rose. I think we all saw that coming and then…..Madison gets the final rose.

Now I know there are team Victoria people out there but I have to be rooting for my girl Madison. I went as far as following these ladies on Instagram because I can’t get enough of them! Madison is hesitant to accept the rose but says “yeah” so Peter then asks “are you sure?” And she says “yeah” again. By that response, I would have asked that too. You can clearly see that she is still upset.

Now on to walking Victoria out.. I would usually feel sad for the person who gets sent home this week but he didn’t even get to meet her family at home towns and all they do is fight and cry on almost every date. I think most of us saw that coming. Now we wait for next week’s two-night finale!! Who gets The Final Rose?


Fast forward to the Women Tell All. We start out with the “Champagnegate.”


Kelsey explains that she overreacted and agreed that she was irrational in the way she reacted to the champagne incident. She also jokes about how the champagne burned when it went up her nose. This was a turning point for me as this made me appreciate and respect her for admitting these things and as we all know it is never easy to admit that you’re wrong to anyone let alone to the entire world.

We get to hear from Tammy as she tries to justify her concerns for Kelsey but that quickly gets shut down by many of the women including Mykenna who ultimately decide that Tammy’s concerns were not legitimate and that she should learn how to treat people with a little more love, respect, and kindness.

After watching Kelsey’s recap, I honestly am now hoping that she is the next bachelorette! We get a little glimpse into her personality outside of The Bachelor and see how relatable and real she is. It is so admirable. I agree with everything she says about being emotional. She states that we should be empowered by our emotions and appreciate the vulnerability of others and that we should not see it as a negative. I think everyone I know can be emotional in some form or another. I cry. My bestie cries, even my husband cries! It is OKAY to cry! We should all be thankful that someone feels so comfortable to even let their emotions out in front of us.


She explains that she didn’t realize how much Peter loved her and she wished she could have gone back and let him love her. Victoria says she has never experienced an easy love so it was easy for her to push him away. She hates some of the ways she acted but she is still healing from the heartbreak. Victoria also confirms that she, in fact, has never broken up any marriage. She owns her emotions and for that, we can all be appreciative.


Peter finally comes out to join the women and explains how he knew the season wasn’t going to be easy and there are situations he could have handled differently. However, he was trying to follow his heart. He knows this experience was going to shape him into a stronger and happier person and because of that he is thankful for it.

The girls explain that because of him, they now know the qualities they want in a partner and they know firsthand that he did follow his heart even though was not easy.

He tells the women he is grateful for every single one of them and he wishes that they all find the happiness and love they deserve.


From sets falling down, to things getting broken, champagne being spilled and everyone hitting their heads this season has been a great one and I CANNOT wait to see who Peter picks next week! Or doesn’t pick…… who knows what’s going to happen! But whatever does… I am here for it.


Claire has been announced as the next Bachelorette and for that I am SO EXCITED FOR!! I am excited that we get to see a group of people who are a little bit older but I am sure there will be a lot of drama still! I feel as though they will be a little bit more relatable to someone like me. Cheers to us in our 30’s!

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