Best Stores for Maternity Clothes



Best Stores for Maternity Clothes

I am currently pregnant with my first child. While I was pretty quick to put my baby registry together, I kind of forgot that I would be needing some new clothing items as well! I fit into my regular clothes perfectly until about 20 weeks and my stomach started to change pretty quickly from there. Luckily, I was able to find stores in Northwest Ohio and online where I could purchase maternity items that I loved. Below are my favorite places to shop for maternity clothes, both in-store and online.


I truly enjoyed shopping at Target. I mean who doesn’t love Target?! There are multiple Target stores in the Toledo area that carry a vast selection of maternity clothes and they have even more online. I was able to pick up a few cute and casual dresses at the Target closest to me. Over the course of the past couple of months, I have seen Target expand its in-store maternity selection and provide much more variety. Target also has a great selection online of both casual and work clothes.


H&M is not only a store that I brought clothes at pre-pregnancy, but now I can keep finding some of my favorite items here during my pregnancy. H&M offers some of those unique pieces that I always get compliments on and can make me feel good! H&M offers everything from pregnancy bras to dresses for the office and day at the park.


I was very happy to find that Wal-Mart really had a great maternity clothes selection in-store. I was able to get a few t-shirts and leggings there that are super comfortable. In the future, I can definitely see myself getting more since they were very affordable.

Old Navy

While the Old Navy stores that I have shopped at do not have maternity items in-store, Old Navy does have a great selection online. Some of my favorite items I have purchased have been workout leggings and tops as well as jeans. Old Navy jeans were my favorite pre-pregnancy and they definitely top the list now too!


ASOS has EVERYTHING! From formal dresses to sweaters and leggings, you can find everything you need on ASOS. I truly loved their variety in styles and their reasonable prices. You can truly find all of your maternity necessities on ASOS.

Motherhood Maternity

If you are in the Lima area I recommend checking out the Motherhood Maternity section on the second floor of Macy’s in the Lima Mall. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a  lot of variety. While they did not have everything in my size, I was able to find out what fits, what I liked, and what size I needed to then order online!

Pink Blush 

Nursing bras and tops? Check. Delivery robes? Check. Baby shower dress? Check. Maternity swimwear? Check. You will not be disappointed with checking out the adorable clothes at Pink Blush. The only problem with this site was trying to narrow down my cart!

A Pea in the Pod

A Pea in the Pod is a designer online boutique that offers beautifully designed designer clothes. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be synonymous with lack of fashion. The Macy’s inside the Franklin Park Mall also sells this line.

Sexy Mama Maternity

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t still want to feel sexy and their best while pregnant?! This is the perfect site for maternity picture dresses as well as shower dresses. They are beautiful and dreamy!


Gap was another favorite place to shop for a maternity wardrobe. Gap has everything you need for your day to day staples. They have everything you need from activewear, tops, dresses, pants, and nursing tops.


The Loft has just what every pregnant mama needs to still feel professional and stylish. This store also has an amazing line of sweaters and shirts that make you feel stylish and put together while also being comfortable.


One thing every Mama needs as their belly is growing is more support to make mama as comfortable as possible. Blanqi Maternity offers belly support camis and body slips that will help every mama be as comfortable as they can!

Throughout my time trying to find the best maternity clothes for myself, these stores were my favorites places to shop. Not only did I find a great in-store selection from most, but you will find an amazing selection online as well. So whether you need a day to go shopping or prefer to put your feet up and shop from the comfort of your own home, these store have you covered! Do you have a favorite store for maternity clothes? Let us know in the comments!

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