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Netflix is a household name and I’d be surprised to hear of a person who doesn’t know what it is. But just in case you’ve recently returned to the surface from your bunker, Netflix is the top streaming platform there is out there. Of course, most of us also have things like Hulu, Disney+ or Amazon Prime. Netflix started it all though. I may date myself a bit with this one, but I remember getting the DVDs in the mail and receiving an email about the NEW streaming option. Wow, have we come so far!

These days, our Netflix subscriptions are really going to be getting their money worth. That being said, you can only watch so many episodes of PJ Masks or Mickey Mouse Club House (or insert any age-appropriate ON REPEAT Netflix show) before you want to just get some Mommy binge-worthy TV under your belt. Well, that’s where I come in, girlfriend. It hasn’t been that long I’ve been off maternity yet!

Let’s stick to some of the heartfelt basics for this one. I mean, the last thing we want is a zombie flick right now, am I right?

Reality Shows

Surprisingly, I have collected quite a few reality titles for you to discover here for someone who doesn’t call herself a reality TV fan. There’s a tried and true method to these first few that just hook you in and make you connect with the contestants.

1. Netflix’s The Circle

If you don’t know about Netflix’s The Circle then you need to add it to your list right this second. Those of you who HAVE seen The Circle, you know why I’m starting here. The Circle puts a bunch of strangers into isolation and connects them via one social media platform where they can either be themselves or be someone they’re not! This show hooked me SO FAST and like I said, not normally this type of reality TV fan. It started in the UK and is now in Brazil too, so you can binge even more once you’ve finished.

2. Love is Blind

On that same note, Netflix just started with a Top 10 in the Country and Love is Blind made the cut. I know Top 10 is the opposite of shows that people don’t know about but I had to mention it. I haven’t had the chance to binge on this one yet. The premise is online dating but in person. Okay, that even confused me. Basically, they all get to know each other without meeting. I’m looking forward to this guilty pleasure, that’s for sure.

Home & Garden

Growing up, the one thing my Mom always had on was home improvement shows! Whether it was Trading Spaces or While You Were Out, it was so easy to get wrapped up in all the before and after excitement. While we get our fix these days with some Chip & Joanna on Fixer Upper or those cute twins on Property Brothers – there are a few reality TV gems you may not realize you can binge on Netflix.

1. World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’ most recent season is broken down into episodes by the country the hosts visit. I will be honest, the hosts can be a bit annoying sometimes, but these houses are WORTH IT. I mean, we’re talking a house with a pool outside your bedroom window. There are a FEW houses that are just surrounded by nature in the most gorgeous settings. It’s a must-see!

2. Amazing Interiors

Amazing Interiors is along the same lines but only because it’s about things you have never thought existed! What the other series had (architecture and design elements) this one blows away with its weird and off the wall interior design. There are mega fans and there is even a multi-level waterfall. Yep, a waterfall inside someone’s home. You won’t believe some of the things you see on this show.


1. The Good Place

This is what we all need right now. I mean, we’ve been cooped up for a bit now. Schools have been out since mid-March and I am sure things are starting to feel a bit dreary. Comedy is the BEST way to bring yourself back! Of course, this may not exactly be a series no one knows about either but The Good Place is seriously one of the best shows I have ever watched. I do have a huge crush on Kristen Bell but that isn’t the only reason this show is good – it’s different. It’s about finding our way to being better people, even once life is over. I haven’t seen it all yet, so NO SPOILERS, please. Oh, did I mention the main character (Kristen Bell as Eleanor) is pretty sure she ended up in The Good Place by accident? HILARIOUS.

2. Good Girls

This show has everything: moms taking charge, crazy drama, and plenty of “book clubs” for these three mamas. Sometimes escaping into some other crazy situation is the perfect solution to taking our mind off of whatever is bothering us. The audience follows Beth, Ruby, and Annie as they navigate challenges in life and in motherhood. You will cry, laugh, and love every single minute of this show!

Binge-worthy Galore

I could probably write an entire blog about Netflix content! I seriously have spent the better part of the past 12 years watching my TV on Netflix. The series I watch may not be new. There may be quite a few go-to libraries that I throw on in the background while I get dinner ready. But it’s also the perfect time to just enjoy each other’s company while we binge-watch the latest meme-worthy TV. Stay healthy, loves!

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