Breastfeeding Tips for the Holidays: with Innate Chiropractic


Navigating the holidays as a new Mom can be incredibly challenging. For many new moms the shock of trying to balance holiday expectations along with still transitioning into the new role of motherhood and being comfortable with everything it entails is an unexpected one. While pregnant, we spend months imagining the upcoming events and dreaming of incorporating our bundle of joy in all our favorite traditions. However, the dream vs the reality can end up really throwing us for a loop. Be prepared and set yourself up for holiday breastfeeding success with these helpful tips!

· Keep baby close by babywearing! Wearing your baby in a sling or carrier will help to keep them close to you so you can catch early feeding cues. Immediately following feeds is a great time to allow family members to hold or play with baby if you wish to allow them to.

· Keep baby passing to a minimum!

· Remind relatives to pass the baby back. While well meaning, relatives may try to shush or rock the baby when they wake, not realizing the negative impact it can have on nursing.

· Ask guests to bring a dish! If you are hosting the holiday asking guests to bring a dish can help ease the prep work for you.

· Give family tasks. If help is offered don’t hesitate to give family members tasks. Cleaning, straightening, making a dish, & even dishes are all helpful tasks that don’t separate you from baby.

· Ask for a designated interruption free area! An interruption free nursing or pumping area is a must if you are traveling to another household for the holidays. Noise, lights, and extra activity can be incredibly distracting for a nursing baby or pumping mom.

· Don’t skip feeds or prolong feeding time intervals. It is a top priority to avoid skipping or prolonging feeding intervals during the holidays. Skipping or prolonging feeding intervals can lead to a decrease in supply and even sometimes unintentional holiday weaning. Be sure to empty breasts regularly.

This holiday season be sure to give yourself grace and understand that holidays may look a little different than imagined. To-do lists may not get everything checked off them, and things may not go exactly as planned…but that’s ok! Mary’s plan wasn’t to give birth in a manager but that doesn’t take away from beauty of the miracle we celebrate on Christmas!

Bonus: Innate Health Chiropractic truly has mothers in mind. They have built a private nursing/feeding and changing area with separate quiet space to avoid the stimulation for baby, and comfort for mother. Low light, rocking chairs, tables and changing station fully stocked!

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