Date Night Ideas When You Cant Find A Sitter


You and hubby need a date night, like desperately, but there’s no sitter to be found. We’ve all been there. There comes a time in parenthood when you get into a routine, life begins to take over and before you know it you and your love are missing all of the important quality time that made you one. Being a parent can take over so much but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your one on one time with your spouse.

After having difficulties finding a babysitter I had to start getting creative with the date night ideas. The best time for alone time is after the kiddos have gone to bed.

 Bring the Restaurant Home

You can order take out from your favorite restaurant. Set the mood and don’t hold out. Set the table with some beautiful flowers, romantic candlelight, play some nice music and enjoy your evening. Another way to get even more special time is to prepare your meal together and enjoy the food you two have created for the night. This allows plenty of time to talk, laugh and create more loving memories you two can cherish.

Classic Board Games and Snacks

Board games can bring out just the right amount of fun competition, and lead to a great night. (Try not to get too loud, you wouldn’t want to wake the kiddos). One of the fun board games my husband and I like is Life. We also get pretty competitive with Scrabble!

Wine and Canvas

My husband and I love to get creative. One of our favorite dates at home is to paint each other. We only have about 5 minutes to paint the other person. Its a pretty fun game and is absolutely hilarious to see what each other came up with. I love the idea of wine and canvas because there are so many variations of painting challenges, and painting never really gets old.


Depending on where you live, it could be a nice idea to go out on your patio and star gaze and talk to each. I find some of the best dates are ones that allow you to relax and be completely genuine.

Netflix and Relax

If you and your hubby happen to always be on the go and don’t get much tv or downtime, it may be nice to just curl up on the couch together and watch a movie or catch up on a show. I know at the end of the night I’m tired and not always in the mood for a high energy moment. On nights I just want to relax, but I do want to spend some time with my husband, watching shows for us actually bring up together.

I know that finding a sitter can be challenging at times, especially the more kids you have. There’s no reason to sacrifice your fun and romance because you have to stay home. I hope that some of these in house date night ideas where helpful. If you have some date night ideas sitter-less friendly, I welcome you to share in the comment section.

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Kendra Watson
Kendra Watson is a 25-year-old wife and stay-at-home mom to two wonderful, energetic tots and soon to be welcoming a newborn. When not trying to grasp a hold of her busy life, she enjoys sewing, DIY's, fashion, makeup, and filming for her YouTube channel. Sharing the realities of life as a young mother and wife is important to Kendra; to show other like-mothers they are not alone. Being a mother and a wife is a really important part of her life and she loves to share and help other young mothers in similar situations. Life as a young mother and wife can be tough, confusing, and exciting at times and she’s all about helping other mommas understand they are not alone. You can follow along @KendraWatson.


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