Ear Infections: Treatment with IHC


Ear infections may be common but are not normal. Pediatric trained chiropractors can play a beneficial role in helping to restore proper ear function through gentle adjusting techniques to the upper cervical (neck) region. Often, ear infections can be caused by vertebral subluxations (misalignments or improper positioning) in the upper neck region resulting in a cascade of downstream effects physically and neurologically. These subluxations can be caused by breech positioning, long labors, vacuum extraction, forceps, and c-section deliveries. Each of these scenarios can place a lot of physical stress on the head and neck leading to the above-mentioned subluxations.

When these subluxations are present in the upper neck, this can lead to imbalances, muscular tension and changes in the surrounding soft tissues making it difficult for the eustachian tubes, sinuses and other ENT structures to drain. Unfortunately, when lymph, mucus and other fluids are not able to drain sufficiently and efficiently, this leads to a backup of fluid, creating a breeding ground for an infection to take place.

The most common treatment for ear infections is antibiotics. The unfortunate side of this is that the antibiotic doesn’t only destroy the bad bacteria, but also the good in the gut and digestive tract. These good gut bacteria are necessary for proper digestion and immune regulation. When the gut is at a disadvantage like this, it can lead to the body not being able to process food ideally, eliminate toxins ideally and regulate inflammation ideally, furthering the susceptibility to opportunistic pathogens.

Getting your child checked by a pediatric trained chiropractor for vertebral subluxations, fueling the body with optimal nutrition, and optimizing the body’s function through proper supplementation goes a long way in healing chronic, reoccurring ear infections.

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