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Keeping the kids busy in the summer can be tough. When they get to be in Elementary school they may start to think that the parents idea of fun is not always the same as theirs. I asked my daughters, ages 9 and 6, what they would like to put on their summer bucket list and here are some of them to share with you.

  1. Go to the beach

There are many beaches that are less than an hour drive from the Toledo area.Check out Mom-Approved Northwest Ohio Beaches post on Toledomoms.com for an awesome list of beaches and pack a lunch and have fun!

2. Go to a public pool

Toledo and Bowling Green both have pools that are open to the public this year and you do not have to be a resident to go! Toledo pools are very affordable with the price being $1 for anyone 12 and under and $2 for anyone 13 and older. They do allow life jackets too!

3. Backyard tent camping

It can be exhausting to pack up everything to go for a weekend camping at a camp ground so backyard camping is a great way to still camp without the hassle and the price tag! You can grill out on your own patio or porch, have smores in your own fire pit and then have a fun sleepover in the backyard. I also love this because I don’t have to worry about the kids getting woken up by neighboring campers who party a little later than they do.

4. Sleepover with friends

I allow the kids to pick a friend that we know and know their parents to come sleep over. Ordering their favorite food and stocking their favorite snacks and letting them watch a movie and play games. They get to have a longer amount of play time with their friends and it gives mom and dad a break from entertaining them.

5. Ice cream for lunch

This is on our bucket list EVERY summer! The kids probably think they are pulling a fast one on their parents but honestly it is better than allowing them to have ice cream after dinner and having them wide awake when bed time comes around. This way they have it at noon when they can run the sugar off and have room for dinner and still be ready for bed at their bedtime.

For those rainy days we like to do some indoor adventures.

  1. Bowling

Each summer we sign the kids up for kids bowl free at kidsbowlfree.com. You register on their website at one of the local bowling alleys and each week they email you a coupon for 2 free games of bowling. The only thing you pay for is shoes and if an adult wants to bowl too. The ages are different for each bowling alley so check out the website for more details on that.

2. Lunch at Chuck E Cheese

A great place to go on a rainy day is lunch at chuck e cheese. We usually go right when they open and let the kids play until they get hungry or run out of play time and then order pizza for lunch. Going early means we beat the crowds.

3. Go to the movie theater

Now that the kids sit still a little longer, the movie theater is a hit! In the summer Cinemark Theaters have Summer Movie Clubhouse offers movies for $1.50 per person. They usually have been out a bit but they do not seem to care. Also ,it’s a great test if you don’t know how a child would handle going to a movie theater because there will be other parents and kids there that are more understand when a kid gets fussy or if you have to leave it’s only $1.50!


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Rochelle Roth
Rochelle was born and raised in South Toledo. She is married to the older boy next door, Craig, and they have two daughters together, Jael and Rossalyn (aka Roz or Rozi). They also have two pets, a cat Xavier and a dog Roxi. Rochelle works at a local hospital as a nursing assistant full time. In her free time you will find her with a coffee from a local coffee shop in one hand and a book in the other. Her favorite books to read are; romance, young adult and anything Dystopian. She also enjoys taking her family on adventures to new places!


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