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Axiom Lux, locally owned and operated by Rebecca Ahern, evolved from humble home remedies and Reiki healing to a thriving business venture. Rebecca has two missions with Axiom Lux: to provide quality handcrafted botanical infused products and to be a beacon of light and hope, with the goal to help you remember your completeness and your knowing. Slowly over 7 years, the business has grown to have many wonderful and supportive clients, all because of her deep love for healing and a need from the Toledo community. 

Axiom Lux offers artisan botanical infused products, including Spiced Elderberry & Honey, Herbal Teas, and Therapeutic Salves. All products are handcrafted with love, healing intention, the Earth, and your body in mind.

Spiced Elderberry & Honey is made in the kitchen of Neuroflex Juice Co. and available for purchase by ordering online or pick up from The Neuroflex Vault.

This product is made with organic herbs, spices, and roots that have been used traditionally for general wellness. Elderberry has a well-documented history of use in folk remedies and was considered a Holy Tree, capable of restoring and keeping good health, and as an aid to longevity. Hippocrates referred to elderberry as “nature’s medicine chest”. 

Elderberry was used to treat the flu epidemic in 1995 and the German FDA approved elderberry for the treatment of coughs, bronchitis, fevers, and colds. Though it has been known for centuries as a remedy to help treat some illnesses and boost the immune system, recently have there been studies performed to show the possibilities of the elderberry in modern-day medicine.

All of the herbal teas that Axiom Lux presents, are a true experience.

The scent, vibrant color, and taste allow you to practice self-care and create moments of pause. Whether the attention you choose for yourself looks like taking a time out with the healthy stress response tea, assisting with common cold symptoms, or creating a moment to pause with the relaxation tea, know that your herbal blend is well researched by Rebecca. All of the flavorful teas provide delightful moments for yourself. These handcrafted teas allow you to linger in the here and now, giving you back control without the judgment or guilt of being too much. You deserve to breathe in peace and savory beauty.

The Axiom Lux Salve Collection began with the Skin Healing Salve. It serves as an all-purpose balm helping alleviate bumps, bruises, scratches, bug bites, topical allergic reactions, and minor burns. With multiple clients, it has proven to be helpful with diaper rash, eczema, athletes’ foot, and even psoriasis. These salve products stand out because of the organic herbal infused oils, infusing for 2 months allowing to pull all of the beneficial properties from the herbs. The oil is then strained and combined with organic essential oils and the salve bases. All salves are small-batch, ensuring high standards and quality. 

Axiom Lux is honored to serve the Toledo community with care, whether it is mind, body, or spirit, the goal is always about remembering and honoring wholeness and growing and guiding towards vitality and wellbeing.   

Cheers to Wellness,

Peace, Love & Axiom Lux

Axiom Lux

5650 W. Central Ave
Suite D3
Toledo Ohio



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