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This year has been a challenging year for us all; so many shutdowns canceling activities for you and your family.  Here is the great news!  Swim With Annette ISR is open and I continue to teach children to save themselves in a water emergency.  ISR and the Center for Disease Control have worked to create new safety protocols that I am implementing constantly every day at my private indoor pool.

Drowning is STILL the #1 cause of accidental death for children 1-4 years old.  And, Ohio is ranked #4 in the nation for child drownings (preceded only by Texas, Florida, and California).  Fall is here and pools are closing which tends to put swim lessons on the back burner until Spring.  However, continue reading to see why now is the time to book your ISR lessons for the Fall.  As a Certified ISR Instructor, I always encourage “The Sooner the Safer”.

Benefits of starting lessons this fall:

  • Drowning isn’t seasonal, it happens year-round in lakes, ponds, ditches, and even indoor pools at the hotel you may stay in during winter break. Completing lessons now ensures they are prepared with another layer of protection.
  • Completing an ISR 6 week session in the fall will put them on schedule for a 2-week Refresher in the Spring right before pools open. While a child is fully skilled in 6 weeks, their confidence really grows during each reach refresher
  • It’s a great activity for your little one this Fall AND gives them life-saving skills
  • 83% of all water emergencies happen fully clothed. The world is 66% water.  Give your child the skills now!

What happens when my child has completed the 6-week course?

Once your child has completed the 6 week ISR lessons, ISR recommends coming for Refresher lessons every 6 months.  Your child will be bigger and his/her confidence and skills in their larger body will be insecure.  The 2-week Refresher course will get them confident again and make sure their muscle memory is intact if a water emergency should happen.  Here is what a few parents have to say about Refresher:

  • We are currently on vacation after completing a refresher about two weeks ago. The home we are staying in has a huge pool. It’s so nice knowing he has the skills to save his life if he were to fall in. He did go out a little too far and used the skills he learned from Miss Annette to flip himself into the starfish position. He is not afraid of the water. It is really fun watching him swim around and play in the water. Thanks for teaching him so I have a little peace of mind!
  • My daughter is on her second set of refresher lessons with Miss Annette. I have seen her confidence in the water improve significantly during and after these two-week sessions. As her confidence improves, my confidence in her ability to self-rescue does as well. To me, ISR lessons are an investment we made to help keep our daughter safe, and refresher lessons have been critical to that investment and her ISR experience.  I cannot recommend them enough!
  • My 2.5-year-old daughter is doing her first 2-week refresher with Ms. Annette now. It’s amazing to see her gain back her confidence and skills in a matter of days! She loves to practice her starfish, and proudly tells me she’s a great swimmer. The reassurance I get from watching her practice her self rescue survival skills with Miss Annette is priceless.

I am beyond excited to be back in the water teaching children life-saving skills.  My goal is to get your child skilled in the water but also to teach them to respect the water and have fun in it.  My safe, clean private indoor pool is a perfect setting to create a positive experience for you and your child.

If you have any questions about ISR, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 419-350-9900 (leave a message if I don’t answer, I am most likely in the pool, LOL).


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