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Custom Made Candle and Room Spray

Nothing takes me back to the days of being a kid more than the smell of fresh-cut grass. I can remember moments spent running through sprinklers and getting orange sherbert push pops from the ice cream truck. Countless studies show our sense of smell is closely connected to our memory.

It’s therefore not surprising that I was reminded of some great memories when I took my daughter to RiverFront Candle Co. in downtown Perrysburg. There we made our own custom scented candle. 

How it Works

  • When you walk in the shop, you pick up a clipboard with a notecard explaining the steps to make your scented candle.
    • You are not limited to just candles. You can make a personalized room spray or fragrance oil if you prefer.
  • Next up, and in my opinion, the most fun was their wall of different scented candles. You open up a jar and smell. If the scent is something you like, you jot it down on your card.
    • It was a lot of fun checking the different labeled jars with my daughter. The look on her face when she didn’t like a scent was priceless!
  • After we had a list of about a dozen scents we liked, we picked out a container. 
    • My daughter decided to make a small candle, and I chose to make a room spray.
  • We took our paper and our container up to the long bar, sat down, and one of their staff members came over. Their staff picked a few of the scents on our list that they knew went well together. We then would hold 2 to 3 bottles together and move them around our nose. From there, it was just eliminating and adding scents on our list until we reached a combination we loved.
    • For my scent, I settled on a mix of Coconut, Dad’s Den, and Fresh Laundry.
  • Next, we poured the scented oils into a small tumbler and stirred until we got the perfect ratio.
    • My daughter poured hers into her candle jar, and I added mine to my room spray bottle.
  • All that was left for us to do was name our scent. It was the perfect finishing touch!

Things to Know

  • When my daughter was younger, we didn’t burn candles for fear of her grabbing them when they were hot. So if candles aren’t a match for the stage your kids are in they have other options:
    • Wax Tarts
    • Room Spray
    • Reed Diffusers
    • Fragrance Oils
  • Once you finish your candle, it will be about an hour and a half for the candle to be ready for pickup.
    • Since you’ll have to wait, think about going a little before lunchtime. My daughter and I made the candle and then went and had lunch at Zingo’s since it was close, and we love eating there.

It was fun spending the afternoon creating, not just a candle with my daughter, but making some lasting memories with her too. 

If you’re looking for something different to do with your kids, or want a girls day out with your friends, think about checking out RiverFront Candle Co.

If you decide to go, I would love to know what fragrances you used in your final product. Tag Toledo Moms @toledo.moms on Instagram, and let us know!


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Michelle Turner
Michelle Turner was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. She can’t imagine a better place to raise her now teenage daughter. She’s been married to her husband for 14 + years and with their daughter and raised a much-loved pooch named Clever. She’s a lover of organization, Gilmore Girls, and baking. She works full time and has also started a side business, Remind and Inspire, to help moms find inspiration from memories and treasured moments. She does this by incorporating baby’s clothes, beloved blankies, and treasured team t-shirts, into a keepsake journal. She also has a blog where she shares ways to create memories with your kids.


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