Five Reasons Why As A Mom I Love My Apple Watch


Naturally, as a technology fanatic, I need to have the latest and greatest tech gadgets. The Apple Watch is one of my all-time favorite gadgets, that I use on a daily basis and has changed my everyday life. It has put technology right at my fingertips from the moment I put it on in the morning till the moment I take it off at night. Some may say is a bad thing these days, but as a full time working mom, it’s important to stay connected and to stay healthy. The Apple Watch meets both of those needs for me along with other daily general needs in my life. Here are the top five reasons why as a mom I love my Apple Watch.

Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor app by far is one of the best features of the Apple Watch and personally one of my favorites! It counts and keeps track of my daily steps and lets me set daily recurring goals to keep active and healthy. It also reminds me every hour to get up and move, which is extremely helpful not only at home with my daughter but while at work too. While using the Activity Monitor app, it automatically syncs with not only your iPhone but all of your other Apple devices too, which makes viewing your daily, weekly, and monthly activity logs easy and easily accessible at any time. 

Customized Watch Faces

The Apple Watch has many different watch faces available, there’s something that fits everyone’s style and needs. They offer a variety of fun Disney character options, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the whole Toy Story gang! Or if you’re looking for a face more on the mature side while at work there are original faces with clock designs, featuring many color options available to match your daily outfits. Many of the watch faces are also able to be customized, not only color-wise but you can add information such as your step count for the day from the Activity Monitor app, the temperature or shortcuts to your favorite apps. I love the variety of watch faces they have to offer, and changing the face is just one swipe away at any time. Personally, as a Disney lover, my favorite face to use is Disney’s Minnie Mouse.

Hands-Free Calling And Texting

This has been an absolute lifesaver for me. With the Apple watch, I can not only make and receive calls but also text directly from the watch. Using the built-in speaker and microphone it’s completely hands-free! Personally, while at home I’m always leaving my phone in random places and losing it for hours on end. Being able to still respond to calls and texts on my watch while my phone is lost for a while is extremely helpful. This also comes in handy when I’m in the middle of a poop-filled diaper incident and can’t get to my phone. The Apple Watch also gives you the ability to be on a call and text someone back at the same time, along with also ignoring calls if desired. You can also use a discrete/minimal sound or vibration for notifications and calls, so no matter where you are it’s not disturbing anyone including sleeping children around you. 

Countdown Timer

I actually find myself using this app a lot more than I originally thought. Whether it’s being set for nap time or just for food in the oven, it seems like in my busy daily life, I’m always setting a countdown timer for something! Since I don’t always have my phone on me while at home and especially at the office, I can still set a timer that’s with me no matter where I go or what I’m doing, it’s very convenient. 

Apple Pay

As an iPhone user, I have always utilized paying with Apple Pay. It is extremely convenient and easy to use. While at the store or Starbucks, I don’t have to search around in the diaper bag for my wallet, while my child is getting crabby from having to wait in line to check out, I tap my watch on the credit card reader and I’m good to go. Better yet, with my particular credit card, I get a receipt notification on my watch just a few seconds after the purchase. Making it very easy for me to keep track of my spending since I tend to lose my receipts a lot. 

Do you have an Apple Watch? What do you LOVE about it?

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Elaine Kaczynski
Elaine grew up in the Northeast Ohio area in the city of Mentor. She currently resides in the northern part of Toledo known as Point Place with her Husband Vince, Daughter Ellie and two Doggos Pongo and Cooper. She’s a Bowling Green State University Alumni, who works full time in Technical Support for a local internet service provider. When she's not working you can find her exploring the latest technology on the market or just snuggled up on the couch watching Disney Movies. It’s safe to say Elaine and her family are Disney Nerds. Being Disney Vacation Club Members they are always planning their next Disney vacation and believe its not just a vacation it's about making memories that will last a lifetime. She is also a proud NICU mom, who knows first hand how tough NICU premies and mommas are. Follow her magical story on Instagram @em_kaczynski


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