Fun Summer Reading Activity


Summer time can bring many hours outside, later nights and fun adventures.

With it also comes looser routines and sometimes skills learned start to lag, or we simply don’t make the same time for our brains as we did during the school year.

My 2nd grader (well now 3rd) brought home a Summer Challenge to get to 100 books in different, creative ways. Instead of focusing on time read or specific books, they had a list of fun places to set an intention to read in/on or at. I figured other moms may also like a creative way to approach reading time this summer as well. So I put together a list of my own to accomplish this summer.

Print it out and hang it in a central place to keep it on your mind, as well as your kids’. Let them choose how they may want to read that day and plan to check it off the list. The options are doable, and only some will take a little planning.

Click Here For the Printable Version

Happy Summer Reading!





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