Habits To Cut in 2021


It’s a new year! Something we say every January but for so many reasons has so much more power to it this year – 2020 is OVER! While I am still not sure how much will change in 2021, I am holding onto hope that it has to be better than the last. 

A new year typically means a time of reflection and goal setting. But if I’m being honest, goals really aren’t my thing. Not that I don’t believe in them or don’t think they work, I can spit some goals out as best as the next person. I just have a hard time sticking to them. I have pretty much come to terms with the fact that goal making is not a strong suit of mine but it is certainly something I want to work on. 

While I thought about the new year I tried to focus on what I want my year to look like for myself and my family. I believe all of that starts with changing some of the things that I do. Instead of writing down goals, I decided to write down my top 3 habits I don’t want to bring with me into 2021. I hope that some of these will resonate or help you out as well. 

  1. Screen Time – Now I don’t mean I am going to cut all screen time out for my family because let’s be real sometimes I have to wave the white flag and rely on the good ol’ TV! What I am talking about is how much I am personally on my phone, specifically when I am around my family. I want to take my time with my children and to be more present. 
  2. Riding the Guilt Train – I don’t know if this is considered a habit but it’s 100% something I want to be better about this year. Between being a mom, wife, nurse, daughter, sister, friend, there are so many hats worn daily. I sometimes feel the need that I have to do it all. I feel so guilty if the house isn’t as clean as I would like or I didn’t spend as much time with my husband or son as I wanted. I feel guilty if I have to skip out on getting together with friends, etc. This is for any other mama who feels this way – I am giving us both permission to let it go and forgive yourself this year. While I like to think we are superheroes, even we cannot do it all. Have some grace and lean on others for help. 
  3. Stop Comparing – To some extent, I think we can all agree that we as moms compare. We compare parenting styles, our child’s milestones, our homes, cars, clothes. You get the point – we love to compare even when we say we don’t. I think it’s in our nature but this year I want to focus on cutting back the comparisons. I want to work on embracing my life, my family, and home for all we are and to know that it’s enough. I want to teach my children to grow up knowing that who they are is good enough and they don’t have to constantly compare themselves to those around them. 

While this list may be short it will take a lot of energy and patience for me to accomplish over the next year. Cheers to 2021 and cheers to all of you working on bettering yourself and your families! 

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Kalyn Bodi
Kalyn is a mama to her little boy Carson with another on the way. Her and her husband Michael reside in Sylvania where they love to enjoy all the events and outdoor activities the city has to offer. She graduated with her Bachelors of Science in nursing and is working as a full time Oncology RN. When she isn’t working you will catch her spending time with her family and friends, cruising through the Chic-Fil-A drive thru or curled up on the couch watching Netflix. In the summers she spends every weekend she can at her family’s lake house and enjoys outdoor concerts or events going on in downtown Toledo. She is a major lover of all things Christmas and checks off as many Christmas traditions as possible with a growing list each year. If laughing, friendship, loyalty and wine are up your alley - she’s your gal to call. If you would like to follow her, add her on instagram @kayybodi


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