How to Prepare Your Home and Pantry for the Coronavirus


If you’ve watched the news or scrolled through Facebook in the past couple of weeks, you’ve seen the word that we’ve all dreaded seeing. Coronavirus. It’s scary and is causing a worldwide panic. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t letting it bother me at all and wasn’t thinking much of it. Until today. Email after email in my inbox about things closing and schools taking preventative measures. So I quickly logged onto my grocery store app and stocked up on some essentials in case we ended up quarantined or everyone else had the same thought and the grocery stores end up empty.

Here are a few essentials to stock up on:

Canned Goods

My personal preference is fresh fruits, veggies, and meats but in times like these, it’s best to have a little stock of pantry items on hand that can’t go bad. I grabbed mandarin oranges, tuna, chicken, pears, peaches, cream of mushroom (and chicken) soup, corn, black beans, and green beans. I also grabbed quite a few pouches of the to-go tuna because they’re amazing and have a lot of protein!

Pantry Staples

Pantry items are the best things to keep on hand food-wise in a pandemic like this. I stocked up on pasta (spaghetti, shells, rotini), spaghetti sauce, oats, tortillas, rice, peanut butter, crackers, mac and cheese, and granola bars. I also like to keep trail mix and dried fruit on hand.

Freezer Items

Thankfully, there’s a big broad range of freezer items that can keep you stocked and fed for a long while. I chose chicken nuggets, fries, broccoli, pizza, and a few loaves of bread to stick in the freezer.

Toiletries and Paper Goods

I keep a stock of these on hand at all times (thank you, Costco!), so I didn’t need any of these. However, I think it’s important to have toilet paper (if you can find any), paper towels, tissues, shower items, toothpaste, etc. on your grocery list.

Cleaning Products

I also keep a stock of cleaning products like bleach, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, trash bags, laundry detergent, all-purpose spray, and hand soap. I hopped on this afternoon and placed my Bath and Body Works order for hand soap so I was a bit ahead of the game, at least I hope I was! Remember, handwashing is the best way to stop the spread of germs and sickness so WASH THOSE HANDS!

Baby Items

Depending on how old your kiddos are, you may want to stock up on things like formula, diapers, wipes, baby food, Motrin and/or Tylenol, a new thermometer, humidifiers (and filters), etc. I also grabbed a few boxes of Cheerios just to have on hand.

Mom Essentials

We can’t forget about your needs, momma! Be sure to grab your favorite snack items (mine is chips and salsa), coffee, wine, a new book, ice cream, etc. I also like to always have Elderberry gummies and other immunity items in my medicine cabinet at all times. Whatever you need to make your time at home easier and more enjoyable, get it!

Pet Food

Our loveable PETS, we want to make sure you don’t forget their food.

Other Necessities

Don’t forget about your other everyday items like milk, butter, cheese, bottled water, juice, your kiddos’ favorite snacks, coffee (yes, again – I really don’t want you to forget!), etc. Get anything you may need, and though I’m no expert, I recommend stocking up for 2-3 weeks of goods. We really have no idea what will happen, so I like to ere on the side of being prepared.

Remember, don’t panic.

This list is not to freak you out or make you panic. This is merely just precautionary and to help you prepare for the unexpected. Take care of yourself and your family, momma.

If you are a family in need, please reach out to the area food banks below.

Defiance/Paulding County Job and Family Services
Fulton County Job and Family Services
Henry County JFS
Williams Co JFS
Northwest Ohio Community Action Commission
419-784-2150: Great resource for the 4 co area including, food, shelter and child care.
Fish Archbold
Delta Outreach
Fayette Helping Hands
Fulton County Alano Club
Holy Trinity Swanton
St Casper Church Wauseon
St Richards Catholic Church Swanton
Defiance Area Food Banks:
St John Lutheran 419-782-5766
St Paul UMC 419-782-3751
Other food assistance:
Defiance 419-599-8332
Fulton 1-800-468-4357
Henry 419-599-1660

Click Here For Food Bank Printable 


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Allison Cooley
Alli is a wife, and girl mom to three awesome girls ages four and under. She's also a boy mom to two dogs (Desmond and Rocky) and a cat (Pancake). She stays busy as a stay at home mom but manages with the help of Jesus, coffee, essential oils, and lots of grace. Alli and her husband, Brandon, are licensed foster parents with huge hearts for adoption and foster care. She's a firm believer in being transparent and genuine and loves relating with other moms in whatever season they're in. She recently started a Mommy Meet Up group in her home town of Findlay. She's a little bit crunchy, unicorn loving, vacuum hating momma who can't wait to go on this journey with you!


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