Infant Safety Rescue (ISR)- Not One More Child Drowns


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Infant Safety Rescue (ISR) is one-on-one swim lessons that your child(ren) six months to six years can attend. It is a six-week Monday through Friday program.

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Each lesson is one to one for 10 min. Children 1 year to 6 years of age will learn the fundamentals of a basic swim, float (on back in a starfish position), swim technique until either help arrives or they reach safely. Children 6 months to 1 year will learn to roll onto their backs, breathe, relax, and keep this position until help arrives in the event they find themselves in the water alone.

My husband and I recently bought a new house. We loved everything about it but when I walked into the back yard and saw the above ground pool, and three-tier deck leading up to it, I had a panic attack.

Pools can be so much fun but I find I prefer to be on dry land! My husband, on the other hand, grew up with a love for the water, both in the water and on the water with a boat or board. Once we put in our offer and signed our papers I knew right away that:

Courtesy of Swim With Annette ISR

1. We needed to put railing up on the top tier of the deck.

2. We needed to get our little one (who was 7mo when we purchased our home) into swim lessons right away.

Of course, time gets away from you and we enjoyed our pool all summer long after months of building a fence, working in the gardens, and getting settled into our new home. We are fortunate enough that our little one was not walking right away because we avoided any accidents that could have happened revolving around the pool.

I’m happy to say at 14 months we finally got her into Swim with Annette ISR Swim Lessons. I tossed around where we wanted to take her, but after hearing “nothing but good things about SWIM WITH ANNETTE ISR” I took the plunge and signed her up right away. After 6 weeks of classes, I AM BLOWN away.

My little one is floating on her back, rolling over when putting face down in the water, and now she is starting to look and flipped back over to reach or swim for safety (edge of the pool, ladder, a hand of an adult, etc)!

In the last week of class, your child will swim in both winter and summer clothes. This is so they are able to get the sensation of how it would feel to be in the water with clothes of all types if they found themselves in the pool at different times of the year.

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If you are ever around water you need to invest in your littles well being and do this for them. It is absolutely amazing how fast they learn. The patience Annette, our ISR Instructor, had to work with our child’s needs and abilities is amazing! Now is a perfect time to start lessons to gear up for summer family trips, or summer pool fun.

Please visit to book your lessons with Annette Lazenby.


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