Kids YouTube Workouts: Get the Sillies Out During the Craziness


Kids YouTube Workouts: Get the Sillies Out During the Craziness

We are all certainly experiencing something that none of us have experienced before with this rapid lifestyle change due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

A big one of them is having all school-age children at home all day, every day without any social or physical activity that comes along with attending school on a daily basis. There has been a great response with resources in terms of making sure academics are being addressed but it is important to know that it’s essential to address their physical activity as well.

Not only is this a time when it is easy for parents to feel overwhelmed and filled with pent up energy, but our children as well. Physical activity is a very important aspect in a child’s life and ensuring they are not staying sedentary should be a priority. That doesn’t have to mean slamming around weights or making your 6-year-old do burpees. It’s about making workouts FUN and something that they can look forward to.

However, not every parent is also a personal trainer or even knows anything about what is safe or fun for their kiddos when getting that physical activity on! Check out these workouts and channels that can help FOR FREE so that your child can get some blood flowing and create positive energy for everyone involved.



Cosmic Kids Yoga is a YouTube channel with over 400,000 subscribers and dozens upon dozens of yoga videos. Each video has a new, interesting theme that focuses on not just entertainment for the children watching but also creating strength, confidence, and balance. Learning the techniques of mindfulness on a very beginner level is something that can help your child in every aspect of life! Check out a Cosmic Kids Yoga video today.



Follow along as Moe Jones, fitness professional, takes your child through a 15-minute beginner workout able to be done at home. This is a great workout that your child could do multiple times over the course of several weeks to try and progress and gain strength doing it. Moe takes you through the workout and offers form cues and complete guidance so your child knows exactly what they are doing. Repeat the video for more activity time!



Join in as Kelly from Fitness Blender takes your kiddos through a 25-minute workout that is great for doing at home. Fitness Blender has almost 6 million subscribers providing hundreds of workout videos for all fitness levels. Kelly will take everyone through a real-time workout while offering demonstrations and encouragement to get through the whole 25 minutes. After that, scope out the rest of the channel to see if there is a workout you might enjoy doing yourself!



With almost 2 million views this 25-minute kid’s workout is one that is fun and easy to follow with Coach Scott. Follow along with the entire workout and have the ability to pause when necessary with the convenience of doing this from home. Parents join in! This is great for kids and adults to do together as a family.



Looking for a quick energy boost in between lessons or to start the day right? Get this 10-minute family-friendly workout placed into your schedule. A great idea would even be to do this combined with another one of the workouts listed above to create some more activity time. PopSugar Fitness is another YouTube channel that has a ton of great workouts that are fun and for all fitness levels so check out some other videos while you’re there!

These are just a fraction of workouts that are available on the vast platform that is YouTube. Other great ideas are searching for dance workouts that can allow kids to listen to their favorite songs and dance their sillies out.

The key is finding something that is enjoyable to do and that will get your kiddos up and moving! With the amount of stress that can come along during this time, it’s important parents are taking time to take care of themselves as well. Commit as a family to stay active and strong through these trying times.

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