Learning Healthy Money Habits As A Family


One of my personal mama priorities has always been to teach my children how to manage personal finances at the youngest age possible. But first, I had to teach myself. Two phenomenal resources are the books “I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.” by Joseph Sangl and “The Increase Life” by Tony Scott. Regardless of your understanding of money as a whole, I would highly recommend these two books.

Talking about money has an interesting ability of instantly sparking joy or causing stress, depending on your relationship with it. Growth in this department can always be beneficial.

Growth for my husband & I have come a little later in life.

I will take it; better late than never. We just recently learned the keys to making our money work for us and not the other way around. All thanks to a free class given at our church. This course focused on financial success structured from “I Was Broke. Now I’m Not” taught by a great teacher, leader, and business owner Jon Harris. It gave me hope in newfound ways. We left the class ready to plan our work and work our plan when it came to the almighty dollar, and not just for ourselves but for our children!

Money will not buy lasting happiness. Real wealth can’t be bought. There is a cost and a benefit to every money transaction made. I truly feel that is something all children should hear, and something I did not want left out of my teachings to my sweethearts.

A few other essentials I found to really work for my tribe are:

First Set money Goals and Dreams as a Family, and post them all over your home. When we see it we sure do believe it! Plus it was a true delight to hear all of my family’s beautiful hopes for our bright green future. I was excited about the firm financial foundation we would begin building together. It kept us united and was a constant reminder that our sacrifices are worth it.

Secondly, if you allow it, debt will enslave you. It has the power to make you say no to things that could be life-giving and life-changing. Not a place I want for anyone let alone my girls. Talking about debt has opened the door for new moments to spend time together making budgets. Not just for bills and savings but for giving and investing. When you truly invest time into educating your littles anything is possible.

Finally, never assume that your children are too young to comprehend the basics of money. I have always spoken to my girls like they are grown-ups when I teach them. Every time they amaze me with what they understand and teach me in return. We stay open-minded in learning about finances together and keep looking up in the right direction for guidance. Instead of screen time, we play store time.

We talk about the differences between wants and needs.

We hold ourselves accountable as parents and role models of money in front of our children. If they see us spending without planning or not truly understanding the value of a dollar as a grown-up, we have the potential of misleading them in their financial journey. Hold yourself accountable mama! You can do it! Pull your cape out and let it soar into financial glory and freedom.

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Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns resides in Berkey, OH with her absolute favorite humans and pets! Her and her sweetheart, one of a kind, says what’s on his mind, hard-working husband of 6 years Scott, two beautiful and brilliant daughters, two Great Danes, 4 chickens, 2 ducks, and one little kitty named Izzy George Washington Catfur Burns established their homestead there 4 years ago. Picture the 1993 Comedy “Son In Law” starring Pauly Shore. Together they are mathletes, cheerleaders, reading enthusiasts, unicorns, NASA bound, mermaids, cool nerds, and artists. Ashley is a former pediatric orthopedic nurse of 11 years who enjoys helping manage their small business Scotty B’s LEDS, LLC. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at her community’s local elementary school, adventures of any kind as long as it’s with her family, and spreading positivity as much as possible! Family and helping others is her true joy!


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