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Morning RoutinesMoms and Mornings,

Some of them are tough both the morning and the mom. For others, it looks like a breeze. I’m one of those moms that over the last 21 years have seen my fair share of both. In this current season, I’m more like the crypt keeper in the A.M. and because of that, it was time for a morning makeover.

7 years ago I was at the top of my Mom morning game, I was getting up at 5:30 getting my workout in, coffee, and devotion before it was time to get the kids up and on the bus. Flash forward to 2021 I’m pushing 40 haven’t seen the gym in years and I’m still recovering from the crazy schedule of my now 3-year-old. Mornings are a hot mess here and the only time I have seen 5:30 was when I had to take the baby to the hospital for surgery. It’s time for a change.

So how do we Makeover our Mornings and Why?

Well for starters, when I have a good morning my whole day seems to go pretty smoothly, I’m less hurried. The days that my feet hit the floor and I’m rushing out the door I tend to be late to everything. So how do we get out of this rut? An expensive course online? Maybe, there are a few really great options. Although, if you like free I have some great tips for you.

6 Tips for a Great Morning.

  1. Great mornings start the night before… Create a solid night routine for you and your family. Have a landing spot for everyone’s gear, keys, backpacks you get the idea. Do a brain dump an hour before bed. Write in your journal, set your intentions for the next day, plans, anything that is on your mind. Check your menu plan so you know what to get out in the morning or what you might need to pick up. Get enough sleep… Set a time and stick to it. I know some of us are in the midst of nursing or sleep training and potty training. Try your best to get 6 to 8 hours any way you can.
  2. Get up earlier… It would be great if we could all just pop up when our alarm goes off at 5 AM. But to be realistic our bodies are not used to that and it’s a tough shock to one’s system. Set a day you want to start and set your alarm 15 to 20 minutes earlier than your current alarm. After a few days set it to 30 minutes. A gradual change is easier for your body to handle.
  3. Eat breakfast... Your body needs fuel, make a list of simple but nourishing meals.
  4. Get a workout in… Whether you get to the gym or make a great workout playlist on Youtube. Get your butt moving. If you need some inspiration check out this post.
  5. Center yourself… pray, read a devotional, meditate, journal.
  6. Eat your Frogs… if you have never heard this term it simply means… get the hard tasks done 1st thing. Don’t check your emails. Leave your social media alone. Check your list and tackle your biggest projects. For me, it’s unloading and loading the dishwasher, starting the laundry, and getting ready for our lessons.

In conclusion…

Remember progress over perfection. Also if you fall off the morning wagon don’t beat yourself up. Set your alarm and just start over. Making over your morning doesn’t have to be hard, baby steps can make all the difference. I hope this list helps you take the first steps to a new morning routine.

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Eva Moore
Eva is a work at home mom to Alex 20, Ani 17, Abi 6, and Archer 2.5. She along with her husband Brent and the minions reside in Delta, Ohio. They love the rural life and take a holistic approach to health and wellness. Eva is active in her church and community (soccer coach and chicken festival committee). When she isn’t busy homeschooling, running kids or working their small urban homestead ( they have ducks, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, a pony named Hippo and squirrels in their pear tree) you can find her blogging about being a special needs mom, homeschooling and motherhood at and on Facebook and Instagram @evainterrupted. She is also a contributing writer for NW Ohio Mom's Blog and at


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