Mask Up, Toledo | Where To Find Masks In NW Ohio


Starting TODAY (July 10th, 2020) at 6:00 pm, anyone in WOOD County will be required to wear masks in public places. Before we share where to get face masks in Northwest Ohio, here are the details that you should know about this mandate:

  • Everyone over the age of 10 must wear a mask.
  • It applies to anyone inside or outside in public places where people who do not share a household are closer than 6 feet apart.
  • Masks must be worn in restaurants or bars while waiting to be seated but do not need to be worn when eating or drinking.
  • Hearing or speaking impaired are exempt from wearing a mask as well as any person that has a medical reason not to wear a mask.
  • People in groups of 25 or less that are exercising outdoors are also exempt.

While there are only a couple of other counties in Ohio with this mandate, it is not unrealistic to assume that we will all soon be in this position at some point. Therefore stocking up on masks for the family is never a bad idea! Especially with schools anticipating regular start dates, students will also need to be equipped with face masks as part of their school supplies. Our team has rounded up a handful of places you can purchase face masks to help you get started!

Local Shops


Handmade Toledo 

Walt Churchhills Market

Loveleigh Seams

Meig Shop- Perrysburg DT

Learning Express

Makers On Main

Satrangi Boutique 

Other Places to Check Out





Rite Aid


Sams Club



Joann Fabrics

Dollar General


American Eagle

Old Navy


Books A Million

As we continue to navigate things during the virus outbreak, we can all agree that our number one goal is to keep our friends and family safe.

Share with us! Where have you grabbed masks so far? 


  1. Etsy, Kohl’s, and Vera Bradley also have masks. I don’t recommend the Bespoke brand from Kohl’s though. They have a satiny material and it’s very hot and hard to breathe through and every breath you take sucks the mask to your face. Check the material when you buy I wish I had.


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