Mom Guilt: Traveling Away From Your Littles


You guys, mom guilt is a real thing and I am here to tell you it is okay. There are days when my whole day is consumed by the guilt to the point where I am almost the one with the separation anxiety.

A few weeks ago I had a 5 day business trip 1,100 miles away from home. Let me be clear. I am an introvert for the most part, I have severe packing anxiety, and I have to leave my little for 5 days! I HAVE NEVER LEFT HER FOR MORE THAN A DAY AND NOW IM LEAVING FOR 5! Excuse me while I hide in my closet, right?

Mom Guilt #1:

It was getting to become that time where I have to get outfits in a suitcase and my daughter is enjoying throwing all the items outside of the bag. Of course, now I just want to stay home with her.

The thought crossed my mind of buying a ticket for my mother-in-law and begging her to come with me.

Remind me why I’m leaving again?

Mom Guilt #2:

I made it to the airport full luggage in hand. Passed through TSA. Purchase my flight snacks and had a seat at my terminal. This is where I about grabbed everything and said nope I’m not going – can’t do it.

As I’m sitting in my chair the news flashes my worst nightmare. A father and his daughter didn’t come home after a tragic helicopter crash in LA. My heart sunk and here I am waiting to board my flight thinking how all I want to do is smother my daughter + husband in my kisses.

Why am I leaving again?

Mom Guilt #3:

Now I have made it to my destination. The business trip is seriously so amazing and I have a whole new appreciation for my career. I am feeling so inspired by those around me, but yet I feel guilty for enjoying myself…

Yes you read me correctly. I felt guilty for enjoying myself! About day 3 my mom guilt was really weighing on me. I missed my bed, my husband, and I really missed my daughter. No amount of FaceTime calls could replace a hug at this point.

During a break I talked to another person attending the training, who is also a mother, and here is what she said to me:

“Think about why you are here. You are here to further your education in your career so you can be the best you are at what you do. One day your daughter is going to look at you and see how determined you are. You’re teaching her to be strong and to follow her dreams!”

{insert hand clap here} 

Her statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you are a working momma or a stay a home momma remember how important your time is when it comes to bettering yourself – career wise or through self care. If your having “mom guilt” that means you are doing everything right! At the end of the day we are taking the time to be better for ourselves, but most importantly we are showing our littles the strength in growing.

Until next time friends,

Haley Reese

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Haley Reese
Haley Reese is a wife to her high school sweetheart Kyle and together they have a beautiful daughter Ruth. She is also a salon owner in Downtown Bowling Green, works full time behind the chair, and also educates other stylists in their own businesses. The beauty industry holds a huge place in her heart because she loves making people feel comfortable in their own skin. When she’s not in the salon you can find her getting in her exercise at TJ Max or Target, playing babies with her daughter, or relaxing with a glass of wine with her husband. If you would like to follow along with Haley add her on Instagram @thebasicblonde_ where she posts hair inspirations + cute pictures of her daughter!


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