Moms Can Wear Uniforms, Too!


A little while ago, I was packing my suitcase for a trip. The kids would be coming along. I was putting together outfits and shoes and even jewelry, when I said to myself, “who am I kidding? I just need to pack my uniform.” By ‘uniform’, I meant my mom uniform: my go-to outfit combos in which I feel most comfortable and confident.

The concept of ‘uniform’, or perhaps ‘capsule wardrobe’, is not new, but applying it to what I wear each day when taking care of my kids has changed the way I get ready, as well as the way I move through the world when I am wearing one of this outfits. It sounds slightly exaggerated, but I believe sticking to a uniform helps me be a better mom. It gets me out of my head, less concerned about what I look like, and frees up a lot of energy to be present with my kids.

So what is this magical clothing combo that gives me confidence and comfort? Well, the combination will be different for everyone, but for me, it is usually high-waisted jeans, a t-shirt tucked in at the front, and a long sweater. If you were to look in my closet, you would find a couple of nicer pairs of high-waisted jeans, a variety of tshirts (usually with horizontal stripes) and button-up shirts, and three or four sweaters. This, of course, amid all of the fast fashion that I have succumbed to over the years, when I eventually just end up gravitating toward some variation of my uniform. I pair it all with studded earrings, light makeup, and sneakers or booties. In the summer, I exchange jeans for shorts or even light-weight overalls and forgo the sweater (although I usually bring it along because #alwayscold). I stick to sneakers or crocs or supportive sandals. I have major foot issues after having children, so I stick to the comfiest possible shoes as much as I can! Another thing I cannot emphasize enough is investing in bras and underwear that fit well. My bottom and chest have changed size and shape so much since having kids, and it made a huge difference to have undergarments that fit.

I am lucky to have a part time job where I can dress very casually, so when I invest in some of these pieces that get a lot of wear, I don’t also have to budget toward work-wear.

As someone who has struggled a lot in the past (and currently…losing weight after having kids has gotten harder each time) with confidence in my appearance and even seasons of disordered eating, I sensed that getting ready was getting in the way of being able to connect with my kids. Even if I woke up early to have a few minutes to get ready without interruption, I still ended up flustered and dissatisfied with how I looked. Having a few favorite clothing items that I know I can count on to make me feel at my best has helped to streamline the process, and helped me to get out of my head and into the being a mom of it all.


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