More Powerful Than You Think


You Are More Powerful Than You Think
Growing up I never had a regular cycle. I just chalked it up to being “too skinny”, “to active”, or “different”. It never bothered me to go months without my period and then have spotting for weeks on end. I didn’t think much as far as abnormal until it came time to wanting to start a family. 

I knew something in my body had to change but I didn’t know what it was. So, I went to an OBGYN in the area and shared with her my concerns about my cycle, my desire to start a family soon, and asked for her advice on what I could do. I walked out of that office feeling DEFEATED.

This is what I was told: “You most likely will never have kids, your irregular cycles tell me that there is something extremely wrong. If you wanted to try something you can try Clomid, but I cannot tell you when to start because your periods are so irregular or if it would even work. I’ll prescribe it, take it and if it doesn’t work call our office and ill re-prescribe a dose again.” I felt lost, afraid, alone and left with even more questions I just didn’t want to try for a baby anymore. 

Around this same time (about 1 year later) my husband almost died of acute liver failure, he was hospitalized for 2 weeks. This was our wake up call! From here we started changing EVERYTHING. Our eating habits, the supplements we were taking, the water we were ingesting, the clothes we were wearing, and the products we were using on ourselves and around our home. We literally did and 360 switch from crappy chemical-filled products and food to healthy ALL natural, organic products, and food.

A good friend of mine says “Ditch and Switch.” 

For me the thing that changed everything was when we started using our Berkey water filter, this helps filter ALL of the junk out of our drinking water. My body was so out of wack from all the crap and pharmaceuticals that is put into our drinking water. About 2 months after drinking only Berkey filtered water my periods started coming back…. NORMAL!!! For me this was huge, I never in my life had a normal cycle. I come to know now that my body is very sensitive to abnormal things in my diet. Something I never knew before this journey.

Our journey took about 2 years after we started making these life changes. As we continued to change our health habits and get back to real and raw ingredients, I started to track my temperature and was able to figure out my fertile window.

I remember at the beginning of Jan 2018 we switched chiropractors for a more naturopathic chiropractor. I got the nerve to go back to an OBGYN. This time I chose Mercy Midwives, again something that aligned with everything we believed in and changed. I shared our journey with Jon, my Midwife. I will NEVER forget her words, “You are healthy as healthy can be, why are they saying you cannot get pregnant? Girl, you can do this!” 

Jan 28th, 2018, I was back in her office getting a positive pregnancy test!

To say the power of our own bodies, and the power of words is amazing and we underestimate that power!

So if you are like me, struggling to find a light, a place to start, and a person to talk to know your not alone. Women everywhere struggle and someone out there has a journey that might look like yours, whether it is conventional or unconventional. Chin up mama and mama-to-be you got this! 

Health and Happiness 

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Samantha VanderVlucht
Samantha lives a more unconventional life. She works for her family’s business so she is able to bring her little one with her to the office. She also works from home a few days a week, and does all the Mama things in-between! She resides in Luckey Ohio with her husband of 7 years Kyle, her one-year-old daughter Demi Kay, and her fur baby Remington. Samantha enjoys the outdoors and doing all things homesteading. Most days when she is not working you will find her in the gardens, in the kitchen learning a new skill, or prepping for the winter months when fresh fruits and veggies are not in supply. She and her husband are passionate about health and wellness and have a wealth of knowledge about it. They love sharing the natural go to’s for just about anything! Essential oils are Samantha’s must-haves day in and day out! Samantha and her family strive to live a self-sustaining life. She is so excited to be a part of Toledo Mom’s; another adventure added to her belt! Find her on Instagram @skvanderv.


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