National Spouses Day


Am I the only one who just learned that National Spouses Day is a thing?

If you already knew it existed, kudos to you. If you are like me and only recently found out about the existence of such a day, welcome to the club!

Even more mind-blowing than the existence of a National Spouses Day is that it has been around for quite a while. It is believed to have its roots in the establishment of Military Spouses Day back in 1984, but no one is sure of the exact origins of the day. The celebration of the day has become increasingly popular in the last two decades.

So, what is this National Spouses Day that I speak of?

National Spouses Day falls on January 26th. The holiday celebrated in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, it starting to be celebrated with more frequency in other parts of the world too.

But, this gets me thinking, we have Valentine’s Day. We have Sweetest Day. We have our anniversary. Why do we need National Spouses Day?

In my research into this newly (for me) found holiday, I found the idea behind it is different than any of those other holidays.

Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day are both focused on romance and gift-giving, which seems to be a pretty important part of both of those holidays. A wedding anniversary is much like a birthday in that you are celebrating the age of your marriage, reflecting on your wedding day, and of course, presents.

The best part about National Spouses Day is that it isn’t traditionally centered around gift-giving. In fact, the whole premise of the day is to just take some time alone with your spouse to appreciate your relationship. I dig that. It’s a love holiday that I don’t need to stress about finding the perfect card. There is no need to hunt for the right gift because all that is required is me. I mean, aren’t I the best gift anyway? My husband will (better) tell you so.

Personally, I find that life gets busy and hectic and most of our focus tends to be on our kids. It is kind of nice to have a day that is solely about appreciating your partner in life.

Now, I know what you are thinking- you already appreciate your spouse. I most certainly do and try to show that appreciation to him each and every day. However, I also know that I don’t take enough time to say that to him.

I’m not planning a major celebration for this newfound holiday. If I can be honest, I am not too big on the “Hallmark” kind of holidays to begin with. That said, National Spouses Day isn’t going to go unnoticed in my house this year.

There are plenty of simple ways that I can think of to mark the day:

  • Make a special meal your spouse loves
  • Make them a cup of coffee (or their favorite drink)
  • Take 20 minutes of the day to just be together and talk or sit or watch a favorite TV show
  • Leave a sweet note for your spouse in an unexpected place
  • Just say thank you to them
  • Post a picture of the two of you on social media in honor of the day along with an appreciative caption
  • Do something nice for them like a chore they don’t like or let them sleep in when you get up with the kids

Whatever you choose to do or not do, it still is nice to have a day that serves as a reminder of the person you chose to be your ultimate ride or die in life.

Have you ever celebrated National Spouses Day? Do you plan to now?


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