NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY: Does Tequila Make a Mom’s Clothes Fall Off?


National Tequila Day: July 24, 2020

She can handle any champagne brunch
A bridal shower with Bacardi punch
Jello shooters full of Smirnoff
But tequila makes her clothes fall off

I learned a couple of things in the last month that I did not know before.

  1. National Tequila Day really is a thing.
  2. It appears tequila makes the majority of moms’ clothes fall off.

Partners around the world are cheering at the exciting news! Both about how amazing it is to dedicate a day solely to tequila and how it has the magic to make mama’s clothes take a hike.

In all honesty, I’m not much of a history buff and haven’t dedicated much time to the world of research but when I saw the opportunity arise to spread the news of National Tequila Day I became inspired to delve into some boozy history.

The word “tequila” may either make you think of a good time OR it may make you think of a time, or even an era of time, that basically sends chills down your spines at the mere memory. You’re not alone! Did you know the origins of tequila can be dated as far back as 1000 BC? The indigenous tribes who created it were getting crunk from the beginning. I wonder if they also started Taco Tuesdays? More research ahead of me.

After gathering a group of other Toledo Moms at a local establishment we spent a sunny Saturday morning taste testing different tequila drinks. As the lovely server informed us, “You can make just about anything with tequila.” My choice was a tequila sunrise which was very appropriate for my 11:00 am drink.

I took to the world of social media to help aid in my research as well so I could learn from mom’s first hand what kind of relationship they had with tequila.

I posed the question: Does tequila make your clothes fall off?

A staggering 90% of mamas answered YES. With GIF comments to really drive home their point such as:

My personal favorite.

Cardio and tequila? This lady lives on the edge.

Those are some pretty good odds for her hubby!

However, as enthusiastic the tequila response was – let’s not forget about that 10% who said it just doesn’t do IT for them.

One mama said, “I barely survived my 20s a couple of times. Even reading the word now gives me the mouth sweats.” I feel like a good amount of the population could agree with this one.

Another one commented, “No, it just makes me take impromptu trips to target to buy weird stuff.” Does anyone relate? I relate.

“Ha, one bad experience at 18 and I still can’t stand the taste of it.” Ah, tequila. Truly a part of the coming of age process.

But maybe it’s time to give tequila another chance with its celebration! Get a little wild and try out one of these 15 Tequila Cocktails. 

You could even do a tequila drinking game – one shot for every time one of your kids yells “MOM”, tattles on their sibling, or insists on coming to the bathroom with you  (just kidding, don’t do this, this is not safe, you will not be okay).

In conclusion – mamas like-a tequila. And some professional advice to moms, don’t wear something too complicated to take off!

What side of the tequila fence are you on? Cheers!




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