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Last fall, my family moved to Toledo.  Not being familiar with the area, we had no idea which neighborhoods we might love, and which may be better to avoid.  We also wanted a neighborhood with “character”.  As one family’s “character” may not be right for another family, we spent a lot of time wandering all over Toledo!

But, for those who would like to streamline their neighborhood search options, here are a few neighborhoods worth checking out in Toledo!

Old West End

A number of people have been drawn to Toledo, thanks to Toledo’s plethora of affordable, Victorian-era houses.  If you’re looking for a house with a lot of history, the Old West End is for you!

Even better than the gorgeous–and surprisingly affordable–houses is the community.  The Old West End’s facebook group overwhelmingly sited the closeness of their community as the main reason they love the neighborhood.  One neighbor said, “I came from [a nearby suburb], where isolation was the goal— backyard fortresses of decks and privacy fences and landscaping aimed at privacy. Here we have big front porches that create a sense of community because we see each other and intentionally say hello and talk with our neighbors. This has been a saving grace during the pandemic! I still see and chat with neighbors from a safe distance. Plus we have multiple parks and so many events aimed at making this a community!”

Both racially, generationally, and socio-economically, the Old West End is diverse, and that’s one of the main points the residents love about the neighborhood.  Being close to downtown, the Old West End is very walkable.  It is home to a plethora of older churches–including Toledo’s breathtaking cathedral–the Toledo Museum of Art, and a small arboretum, which usually hosts a concert series in the summer.

The Old West End has their own community website.  Check it out here!

West Toledo

If you’re a big supporter of local businesses, West Toledo might be right for you!

Sylvania Avenue is dotted with restaurants (Mancy’s and the Camino Real with its hopping patio), ice cream stands, churches, stores (including the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op and Boyd’s Retro Candy).  On either side of Sylvania Avenue are quiet residential streets, lined with well-maintained homes. Forte Music School makes it easy to enrich your child’s education.  Best of all, West Toledo’s schools tend to enjoy a good reputation.

In addition to all the locally-owned options, West Toledo is extremely close to the Franklin Park Mall.  It’s also centrally-located, so going anywhere in Toledo doesn’t take much time at all!

West Toledo’s neighborhood association does have their own website–click here to check it out!

Point Place

The Point Place neighborhood is on the northeast side of Toledo, located on a small peninsula bordered by the Ottawa River and Lake Erie.  If you’re interested in lake living with the convenience of living in the city, Point Place is for you!

Beyond the obvious charm of having Lake Erie right in your backyard (or down the street), Point Place has the feel of a small town.  According to the neighborhood’s facebook group, neighbors love Point Place because they know their neighbors, it’s a very walkable section of the city, and–did I mention the lake?

Old Orchard

Located just north of the University of Toledo, Old Orchard is another enclave of older, character-filled homes and shady, tree-lined streets.  Being close to the university and Ottawa Park, it is ideal for getting out and walking around.  Toledo Hospital, Costco, and the Wednesday farmer’s market at Westgate are within (or really close) to Old Orchard, and all the stores surrounding Franklin Park make it close to get anything.

According to the neighborhood facebook group, neighbors love Old Orchard because of the community fostered by the presence of the University.  They love to hear the bells chime from the bell tower at the university and watch the homecoming parade every year.  One Old Orchard resident commented, “the combination of the stability of the long term residents (UT faculty) here, along with reasonably priced starter houses for families with young kids and dogs makes the neighborhood sociable and interesting.”  Another neighbor claimed, “I love the walkability, the proximity to both city parks and UT campus, and the feeling that this is a genuine neighborhood rather than a collection of pretty houses.”

Most summers, Old Orchard hosts a garden tour, and the neighbors noted an appreciation for the neighborhood’s landscaping and architecture.  It’s a newer neighborhood than the Old West End, but a lot older than suburbia.

Old Orchard also has a community website.  Check it out here!

South Toledo

On the Southwest side of Toledo, the Beverly, Harvard Terrace, and Glendale/Heatherdowns neighborhoods stand out in South Toledo.  They’re all super close to zoo (you could even walk there from Harvard Terrace)!  These neighborhoods also border the Anthony Wayne Trail, making it easy to get downtown!

A lot of Harvard Terrace’s houses are pushing 100 years old.  But the neighborhood is well maintained, and the houses are lovely and quirky.  Both Beverly and Harvard Terrace are right on the Maumee River.  Taking a walk in Walbridge Park, overlooking the Maumee, is always refreshment for the soul!  The Beverly neighborhood’s houses date from the 50s, while Glendale/Heatherdowns neighborhood is solidly suburbia, with most houses built between the ’60s and ’80s.

Furthermore, the schools are good, and there are a number of small businesses that make Glendale/Heatherdowns a great place to live: the Wixey Bakery is just on the off the AW Trail in Harvard Terrace.  Jocko’s and the Lickity Split will supply you with ice cream all summer long.  A number or grocery stores are nearby, and Monette’s, just off of Glendale, has the wonderful, small size of Aldi’s with a commitment to selling locally-produced products!


I never drive through any of these neighborhoods without wishing I lived there!

As Toledo is a city with more than 275,000 people, this is hardly an exhaustive list of great neighborhoods in Toledo!  If your neighborhood isn’t mentioned, let us know what you love about it and we’ll update this list!


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