Perrysburg’s Juciest Gem: Local Roots Juice Co.


From the moment you walk into Local Roots Juice Co. in downtown Perrysburg, you are smacked upside the head with the most adorable ambiance. There’s a southern farm house-ish style that (admittedly) I’m drawn to. There’s a little nook for kiddos to color or play with a magnet wall at a counter that’s just their size, framed in by fun, cozy hanging chairs that resemble half birdcages. After you’ve taken all of the decor in, you realize, wait, what is that smell? Avocado? butter? fruit? A…Healthy lifestyle? Yup, you’re smelling it all! Then there’s the staff, eager to answer any questions you might have. Like what’s in each of their yummy juices or smoothies, or to explain to you just what a juice cleanse entails- spoiler alert: you consume only juices for a specific number of days.

Local Roots Juice Co. was founded by husband and wife team Ashley and Collin Balester and graced Perrysburg with its presence in 2017. Collin played major league baseball, but after 14 years, he and his wife fulfilled their dream of opening Local Roots. They encourage a healthy lifestyle by offering a wide variety of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and small bites that are both nourishing as well as delicious. They are parents themselves to littles and know how hard it can be to eat well and feed our kids well. Along with being a great, family-friendly spot to hang out, they help provide people with a no-fuss way to be kind to their bodies. If you’re anything like me, my laziness is a hindrance to healthy eating. It’s hard work! Nothing beats the convenience of someone else preparing healthy food for you!

Interestingly, their philosophy contains the idea of “choosing the donut”, stating that “happy people are healthy people”. I love this so very much. To me, their philosophy alludes to the idea that health is about balance. We don’t have to be perfect to be healthy! Everything in moderation, just like our mama’s taught us.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a not so great experience with juicing. In college, I’d choke down smoothies heavy on kale and spinach and I hated every second of it. I’m not a fan of leafy greens and I generally need to force veggies down. I, the anti-kale chick, am here to tell you: I have loved every single thing I have tried at Local Roots Juice co. Totally not lying either. My husband will tell you that I “have a problem” spending money there. What can I say, It’s on the way to work from school drop off! I can’t help it!

A friend actually introduced me to the shop, having me swing by to pick her order up earlier this year. I looked skeptically over their menu having PTSD flashbacks of my grainy spinach kale smoothies. I decided on something called a “kicker”. It sounded not so terrible and it was only 2 oz to boot. If I hated it, it was small. I got to my friends and decided to try the bright yellow concoction, making sure I had water nearby to chase it with. The smell was what hit me first. Lemon. Oh, how yummy! I love Lemon! As I finished off my last gulp, I understood why they call it a kicker. There’s a nice spicy after-burn that can be contributed to the ginger, cayenne, and black pepper. “Not too bad!” I told my friend. I was already plotting my next trip back to try more.

The kicker itself is touted to have health benefits, specifically, helping boost the immune system. But try any of Local Roots’ concoctions and you’ll be doing your body good. They divulge all of the ingredients in all of their products, so you know exactly what you are getting. A quick glance over their menu, and you can see you’re getting all kinds of healthy, wholesome, and nourishing food juiced, blended, or prepared into a delectable creation you won’t mind partaking in.

I’ve tried nearly everything on their menu by now and I’m happy to report, I have liked nearly all of them. They have a few smoothies geared towards kids that both my 3-year-old and my 18-month-old slurped down. They are sized appropriately for littles but are also great for adults too. There’s no “10 years or younger” limit which is super nice as I found me ordering one a time or two when I was craving a smoothie but didn’t want a large one.

They are nestled in downtown Perrysburg and have that small town, welcoming vibe. If you’re hunting for a great locally-owned place to maybe try something new or are on the hunt for a cute spot for a Sunday morning family hangout, give Local Roots Juice Co. a try. You’ll be hooked.

What’s your favorite item at Local Roots?



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Kaleigh Henzler
Kaleigh resides in Perrysburg with her husband and two young children. Along with being “wifey” to her high school sweetheart and “Momma” to the sweetest sour patch kids, she is a nurse practitioner who specializes in dermatology. She enjoys art and crafting, with specific interests in hand lettering, painting, resin art, wreath making, and her third baby: the Cricut machine. She is also an avid distance runner and is very active in the Toledo running community as a Run Toledo Ambassador. She has a passion for sharing experiences in motherhood, the healthcare field, mental health and well being, local businesses, and running. Follow her on Instagram at @k.hennnny


  1. Thank you Kaleigh for loving on our little spot! It’s truly our “5th child”. This old barbershop-turned juice shop represents so much for us: growth, pain, joy, hope. It’s been a safe place for young ladies to learn responsibility, how contagious joy can be and how to hone their avocado slicing skills 😉 We appreciate all of you!


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