Prenatal Care with Innate Health Chriopractic

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Preparation is Key

When you become a mother, you understand that it is all about preparation. Getting the nursery ready and buying everything the baby needs. Reading up on every topic known to mankind to be as mentally prepared as possible, and by prepping your hospital bag. However, what about making sure your body is prepared? 

The team at Innate Health Chiropractic  wants to be a light of hope for families in the Northwest Ohio area and they are living up to their name.  Upon entering, one feels so welcome and relaxed. While you wait for your appointment, there is a warm-up waiting room for you to make sure that your body is ready for your appointment. We were truly astonished by all of the small details that made this office stand out from every other doctor’s office we have ever been to. Not only does the staff want you to feel welcome, they want you to feel like family.

Courtsey of Rikki Renee Photography

The Process

When going to Innate Health Chiropractic , their process is designed around making you feel comfortable and easing any worries you may have. This all starts as you enter their Digital Exam and X-ray Suite to sit down with their new patient specialist where their goal is to know more about what makes you, through a detailed health history review.  If you didn’t know you were in the best hands yet, you will after you receive your neurological scans that help the doctors appropriately plan out your tailored course of care. 

During pregnancy, there are a couple of prenatal scans that are done using Insight Millenium Technology. This technology, unique to Innate Health Chiropractic , allows Dr. Nick and Dr. Rick to not only find the cause of any challenge you may come in with, but also provide you with the absolute best care. The first scan is the Infrared Rolling Thermal Scan. This particular scan shows the doctors where there may be any inflammation along the spine and nervous system. The second scan is the Surface EMG that uses two small devices that are placed on either side of the spine and moved up and down to determine muscle tension. 

Both inflammation of the spine and nervous system, as well as abnormal muscle tension, can cause a variety of issues in pregnant women: back pain, headaches or migraines, reflux or GERD like symptoms, poor baby positioning, ligament tension through the belly and much more. Mamas who are pregnant or have been can attest that pregnancy is hard enough without these issues. 

Dr. Nick and Dr. Rick have undergone extensive training to bring the Webster Technique to the moms of Northwest Ohio. This technique is safe and effective for both mom and baby. With the use of this gentle technique, the doctor’s focus is on the alignment of the pelvis as well as its supporting ligaments to help create the most optimal environment for baby and mom. 

The round ligament located in the lower part of the belly is one of the several primary focuses of prenatal care. Tension in the round ligament can cause moms to feel sharp pains, tightness, and tension in the belly. This pain and pull on the uterus or pelvis can cause imbalances, which can ultimately cause problems with delivery. During adjustments, the doctors at Innate Health Chiropractic  work with the round ligament to help ensure optimal positioning and support for mom and baby. 

Courtsey of Rikki Renee Photography

Top 5 benefits for mom and baby:

– Helps to create the best environment for delivery

– Less aches and pains through pregnancy and delivery

– Improved outcomes in helping to achieve birth goals

– Helps to aid in better healing through the recovery process 

– Better nervous system function creates a healthier you. A healthier you creates a healthier baby!

It is not too late to start your chiropractic journey. 

The doctors at Innate Health Chiropractic  can accommodate at any stage and at any point. Time and repetition will help to bring balance back to the nervous system and spine so that your body can adjust and adapt to the many changes with ease. 

The staff at Innate Health Chiropractic  Chiropractic have such a passion for helping others that you can feel that welcoming and positive energy as soon as you enter the door. They are not just there to support you during your pregnancy but after as well. Innate opens up their space to other professionals to talk about the 4th trimester and postnatal care. The entire staff truly cares about your well being by helping bring in support to guide you through life’s changes. 

Bonus Points: Innate Health Chiropractic  truly has mothers in mind. They have built a mother’s room for nursing, changing, or simply a place to allow your little ones to escape the stimulation. 


Innate Health Chiropractic  

26580 N Dixie Hwy: Unit 101

Perrysburg, Ohio 43551



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