Read Across America Day: How to Celebrate at Home


Today, March 2, is Read Across America Day. In fact, March is  National Reading Month. Read Across America Day/Month is a creation of the National Education Association, and to encourage Americans of all ages to read.

I think we can all agree that reading is important for all ages. As an adult, I try to read every single day. I will be honest though, it’s something I personally enjoy, and I’m aware that it doesn’t come naturally to others. My husband, for example, is my polar opposite, I think I’ve seen him read one book in the entire span of our relationship. I’m not sure my daughter will be an avid reader since she currently has the attention span of a gnat, but I sure will do my best to encourage it.

Encourage Reading

What’s the best way to get a child (of any age) interested in reading? Reading to them when they are young is always advised, but what else? I think trying to set an example, trying to make reading fun, and picking topics they are interested in are good ways to start. I know with some children it still will be a struggle, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Creating a fun activity on Read Across America Day is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Ways to Celebrate at Home

Some of these will take one day but some might be more of an investment. This is even better if you’re trying to get your kids into reading and want to do it throughout the entire month.

  1. Do an activity suggested on the Read Across America website.
  1. Have a book and movie crossover activity where you read a book and then watch the movie. I think this list has some great options for all ages.
  2. Make a book of your choice come to life- This could be dressing up, making something from a book- (treats will likely make kids extra interested). Many people choose to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday since the holiday was inspired by him. I’ve also seen a friend re-create some book covers with her kiddos and take pictures, and they were really cool to see. This article has some fun examples of this.
  3. Have your kids listen to books read by celebrities. This is a good one that I saw a lot of during quarantine. This website has some options, and so does YouTube. I think this would be a particularly good option if you can find a book read by a celebrity your kiddo is especially interested in. Extra points if you have the book handy in advance for your kid to read on their own first.
  4. Play Bookopoly Junior. My book club is “playing” Bookopoly this year with an adult version we found online. I am liking it as an adult, but I think it is an even cooler idea for kids. Personally, I’m in the middle of listening to an audiobook because of using the game board (and I’ve never listened to an audiobook in my life before now! Crazy I know). There are a few ways to do this. Follow this link and use this existing version I found.  Use the attached blank board and fill out yourself OR utilize the attached version that I created especially for this post!

Blank Game Board

Completed Game Board

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