Shopping for Kid’s Clothes- How to Stay Thrifty


How much do you think you spend yearly on children’s clothing? It’s kind of crazy how much the cost of kid’s clothes can add up. I know I don’t want to pay high prices for growing kids, so I’ve become very thrifty when purchasing kid’s clothes. Along the way, I’ve uncovered a lot of good strategies. So, unless you’ve got an older kid that insists on clothes being brand new, this is the article for you.

This isn’t to say your kid isn’t particular about clothing style or clothing brands. At age 4, my little princess has started having an opinion about what she is going to wear. She sometimes flat out refuses to wear something if there is something she doesn’t like about it. She’s very blunt, and once even told her nana to “throw it in the trash” in reference to a dress nana had bought for her. Cue us trying not to die laughing so that she didn’t make talking like that a regular thing. If possible, I try to have my kiddo accompany me when shopping. When I’m utilizing online sites, I show her pictures and ask her if she likes something before purchasing.

Top Tips for Buying Cheap

Secondhand resale shops:

In the area, we have stores like- Once Upon a Child, Twice but Nice, Plato’s Closet, Lilypads, etc. I suggest following these places on social media as well. Usually, if they have deals/ % off beyond their normal prices, they will post them online ahead of time. Also, if you are really thrifty, you can plan ahead and schedule a selling appointment. If they buy any of your clothes, you can get cash/store credit towards your purchase.

Garage sales:

I stay on the lookout for garage sale signs around the neighborhood, and sometimes see them on Facebook as well. You can hit up individual sales, but usually, neighborhood sales are the way to go. You are much more likely to find whatever you are looking for when you have multiple households selling.

** Note- Mom-to-mom sales would be on this list, but because of covid, they haven’t been a thing in the past year or two. Personally, I’ve always done really well at finding a lot of good bargains at them. I am impatiently waiting for them to come back, and I’m sure a lot of you are as well.


You really have to take the time to look for deals, but you can do really well on these types of sites. Other resale sites/apps include Mercari, Thredup, Kidizen, etc. I like these sites/apps because you can find sellers selling multiple things in the size you are looking for. Then you can bundle and make/receive offers on these bundles. I utilize Poshmark a lot because I sell used kid’s clothing that we are done with as well. As a result, I have a balance on the app that I use to purchase new-to-us clothes in bigger sizes. If you are interested in this, take a look here. You can even get $10 off your first purchase with a code, mine is LINDSEYK_POSHAM if you are interested in that. Additionally, I utilize sites like this to look for specific harder-to-find items. All of the comfy Disney-themed character dresses in this picture came from purchasing on Posh.

Local Facebook free/buy nothing pages:

Search free and your local area and you may find a group. These sites are great because you can score some items for free, as well as give things away that you no longer need. I love this because items that might have gone in the trash or to Goodwill now have new happy owners.

Friends and family hand-me-downs:

Lastly, probably the most obvious and common practice that has been happening forever. Family and friends hand-me-downs.  We happily accept these when offered if the clothing is the right size and season. Sometimes it is mutually beneficial which is even better (ae. trading sizes or boys vs girls clothes) so that both parties get new-to-you clothes out of the deal.

I hope these tips help you score some awesome deals on kid’s clothes. Is there something missing that I should add to this list? If so, feel free to comment and let me know!

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Lindsey Kosik
Lindsey has spent all of her life in Northwest Ohio and currently resides in Sylvania with her husband, Jordan, her 4-year-old daughter, Izzie, and their two dogs, Frankie and Charlie. Lindsey currently works part-time as a website admin and SEO analyst. You will find Lindsey and her family at Disney World multiple times a year as vacation club members and annual pass holders. It is safe to say the whole family is a little obsessed with House Mouse! Besides going to Disney, her favorite things include reading (mostly chick lit and suspense/legal thrillers), finding and sharing great deals she finds and enjoying a nice glass of red wine with some mindless reality tv.


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