Spring Fashion Trends 2020


It’s time to peel back the winter layers and say goodbye to the freezing cold as we welcome spring with open arms! Warm weather, fresh flowers, sunshine, and a new wardrobe emerge from hibernation. It’s also time for Spring cleaning. As you’re going through your wardrobe trying to decide how many pairs of leggings you really need (the answer: the limit does not exist) here is a list of this year’s spring trends to keep your style looking on point.

Spring TrendsSpring Trends 2020

Floral Prints:

Just like last year, floral prints are back again, but with a new twist! This year’s floral trends take on more of a vintage look along with mixed floral prints.

Polka Dots:

Polka Dots give anything a good classic look. This Spring polka dots are making their way into the top trends. They are spotted in traditional black and white as well as a variety of colors, enlarged polka dots, and abstract polka dots.

Animal Prints:

Animal prints, leopard and snake print, in particular, became very popular this fall. You can expect to still see some leopard, snake, and their new friend zebra print. The colors of the prints will just be more spring friendly; think pastels and bright warm colors!

Star Print:

Definitely a new fresh trend for Spring! This print comes in any variety of spring colors and the stars can vary in size, from just one large one across the chest to many itty bitty ones all over the fabric. You will see these star prints on everything, even jeans!

Distressed Sweaters:

This trend has been hanging around for a few seasons and does not appear to be going anywhere. Distressing on the edges of light spring knits are an unexpected addition to any wardrobe.


Yes, you did read that right. Tie-dye, is back, again! But let’s not think of it as the really bright rainbow tie-dye shirts we might have made at camp. There are some really cute tie-dye pieces out for Spring. All different die-tye patterns, colors, some more subtle than others, so you might just find a new trend to love in tie-dye all over again.


Just like tie-dye, neon doesn’t have to be avoided. Spring is always a great time for all the bold bright colors but if a neon-colored shirt is too much, neon always makes for a great accent.

Statement Sleeves:

Tops with cute sleeves have been a growing trend since winter. Puff shoulders and ruffles will definitely be found on many dresses and fashion tops.

Peplum-Style Tops:

This figure-flattering style is making a comeback! You can expect to find this style on tops, dresses, and even jackets.

Color Blocking:

Color blocking has been a trend that has been seen for a few seasons now and it appears to only be growing! It has evolved into a mix of patterns and textures, as well.

Crocheted Pieces:

Crocheted pieces are excellent for transitioning into Spring and can be a great boho-chic style.


Dresses and skirts with multiple layers and stitched together tiers are an absolutely beautiful trend that I’m totally here for.

Spring Leather:

Not just for Fall and Winter anymore! This trend makes it a great time to wear a spring colored leather jacket on those cool Spring days.


A button-up shirt as a dress. I’m loving it for it’s versatility from work to weekend looks.

Bermuda Shorts:

Whether you loved them or not when they were popular before… they are back! Find them in all different fabrics and fits. The most trendy bermuda shorts will be baggy style.


Loafers and Mules are still on-trend and Spring is the perfect time to wear them; when it is too cold for open toe shoes but just a tad to warm for those winter boots.


Bye-bye dainty. This Spring’s Jewelry Trends… Hoop earrings, chunky chain necklaces, collar necklaces, and bangles. So, if you saved your jewelry box from the 90s you’re already a step ahead!


Move over micro-bag! Over-sized totes are back once again! I’m not sure if I should rejoice that I can carry around my entire life with me, or cry because I can already feel my shoulder hurting.

What are your favorite new Spring trends? Do you see any new trends on the list you might try out? Any on the list you plan on trying to avoid? We would love to know what you think!

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