Spring Prep Chores

It is almost time folks… it is almost SPRING in NW Ohio!!! Now, I am a winter lover through and through and I always have been. I really enjoy the colder weather, love the snow, and adore a blazing fire in the fireplace curled up with my little family at home! BUT….. As we get closer and closer to those Spring months, I start to get the little butterflies in my stomach in anticipation of all my favorite Spring things!

Spring ChoresWe all get fed up with winter at some point, its just a fact. We are tired of the cold temperatures and the fact that it is oddly windy all the time. We miss having the house open, we long for the smell of warmer weather and budding flowers. The seasonal transitions are an exciting time and the end of winter turning into Spring could be the best. I am going to share a few of my “Countdown to Spring Chores” that I start tackling this time of year. They are simple, relatively quick tasks that get you in the Spring mood, start to get that house prepped and usually puts a spring in my step. See what I did there? Spring in my step…. Never mind.

  1. WASH THE WINDOWS. This one is a huge one for me. With a giant dog that rules our household and a toddler that touches everything, my windows and doors get pretty disgusting. Dog snot, handprints, dust, dog har…. its just not pretty. Taking the time to clean those windows inside and out, cleaning the windowsills, and vacuuming the screens does WONDERS. Grab the Windex, a roll of paper towels and get to it. Its crazy how a focused clean on one part of your house can make such a difference. More light gets in, there is less of a haze in the house, and it’s a good start to having some open windows. Getting them clean now means you will be ready for cracking those bad boys on that first sunny, slightly warm day. Okay, okay…. No more cleaning chores, this is the only one.
  2. SORT SOME CLOTHES. This one is two-fold. Sort the kid’s clothes and do yours too! Depending on the age of your child(ren), it may be time to box up one size range and rotate the stock. For the older ones, its generally a good time to go through what they have, get rid of what they don’t want or wear and add a little organization to the drawers and closets. For you…. Do the same! Take an hour and look at what you have. Make piles of what goes and what stays. Do it for your winter wear and go through the spring and summer swag too! This is a PERFECT time to start to get an idea of what items are on the “must purchase” list for the season. Most stores are starting to put out the spring and summer collections so it’s a great time to start shopping to fill any gaps. Helps avoid that “MOM! I don’t have any shorts” argument later on.
  3. BUY CANDLES. This one is very personal for me so if you are not a candle person, just skip to the next one because this will not pertain to you. I. LOVE. CANDLES. I buy candles for every season. I burn candles in every room of my home. I adore candles. Now, choosing where you buy your candles is a very personal decision. Everyone has their go to candle spot. For me, its Yankee Candle. Their buy 3 get 3 deal is pure delight for me. I have heard wonderful things about Bath and Body Works, Anthropologie, Target, and tons of other stores so buy what you love… but buy them early! In our house we love the spring scents. Clean, fresh, and sweet smells that remind you that winter is OVER!!! Pink Sands, Clean Cotton, and Bahama Breeze are some of my personal favorites. Shop early and often…. Burn those babies when the windows are open and it’s a magical combo!
  4. PREP YOUR OUTSIDE TOYS. Bikes, picnic tables, scooters, oh my!! There is no doubt that your garage, shed, basement, and house are full of some toys that have come inside for the winter months. Well, its time to clean them up!! Give them a good wipe down, a quick disinfectant spray for good measure, fix any broken parts, new batteries if needed and you will be ready to rock and roll come that first warm day for outside play! It’s also a great way to make note of anything you want new for the year or purge any unused playthings.
  5. GO THROUGH YOUR CAR. If you are anything like me, your car can at times become a catch all for random items throughout the winter. I still have some empty Christmas bags floating around in my trunk, for example. Take a sunny day, throw on your coat, and clean that car out. Getting the empty water bottles, stray Fruit Loops, and random odds and ends left by the kiddos (or lets be honest, a spouse) can make a huge difference. If you have time, a quick dust, and a shot of Armor All will really blow your mind!!

These four things are my go-to chores to really get prepped for Spring. When that weather warms up, I want to be ready. Ready to open up my house, roll the car windows down, get the family outside and breathe in that fresh air and say hello to Spring. Give it a try!

Think Spring, Mamas!!


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