Supporting My Husband’s Hobby


Lately, my husband has taken up golf as a hobby. As far as hobbies go, he’s never really had a solid one. He plays guitar really well but hasn’t played much since we welcomed our babies a few years ago. Various game systems like an X Box ONE and a Nintendo NES have been purchased in an effort to try out video games. He rarely even turns them on. Since his iPhone is such a high-quality camera he rarely goes out with his nice mirrorless camera.  I was skeptical when he came to me saying he wanted to get into golf.

Turns out he doesn’t suck. 

Athletics has never been his forte. He despises most organized sports. And he regularly makes fun of people who can rattle off sports statistics about high school and college boys they’ve never even met. He will occasionally watch a baseball game if it’s on, but can’t stand to have football playing. He enjoys playing “sports” with our 3-year-old son. 

*In our house, sports with a three-year-old just involves random throwing, hitting, kicking, running, etc. There is also vigorous jumping on or off various furniture pieces. 

My husband has asked for golf lessons, golf equipment, and other golf-related items for his birthday, anniversary, and other holidays. I can tell that this is something he’s really passionate about. He had been wanting me to go golfing with him sometime, but in order to do that, we’d need to hire a sitter. I didn’t want to pay for a sitter so I could be on a golf course for four hours. That was not my idea of a good date night. Luckily, one day in the summer my in-laws came and took care of the kiddos while we went to hit the links. 

Ready to golf!

Surprise, Surprise

We went to Riverby Hills Golf Course in Bowling Green and it was absolutely beautiful. It was well maintained with the trimmed greens and full sand traps. The workers I met were really nice. I felt that the front nine was a little boring, but I enjoyed seeing my husband’s excitement over having me there. I was able to get some good pictures and videos of him golfing so he can analyze his technique. We took a quick break in the Player’s Lounge after the ninth hole and grabbed a drink. Day drinking and doing zoomies in the golf cart was A LOT of fun! 

Words of Wisdom

Ladies, I know it’s easy to scoff at significant other’s/spouse’s hobby if it’s something you’re not into. Trust me, I’ve done lots of scoffing. But, watching my husband doing something he loves reminded me that it’s important to support him in everything he does. I’m glad that he’s found an activity that is just for his enjoyment and a way for him to decompress and relax. It’s important that all of us find an outlet for our stress, and getting some fresh air while doing something you love seems like a perfect way to do that.

I may not feel the urge to go out on the links with him more than the rare occasion, but I’m more than happy to give him the time he needs to play a round of golf. It’s good for him. As parents, we both need to prioritize self-care so that we can give the best care to our family. 

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Julia Whalen
Julia resides in Perrysburg with her husband, their three children (Ari (6), Annie (3), and Jonah (9 months)), and two cats (Godric and Cali). Her children are the most amazing, funny, lovable, and crazy little humans she’s ever met. Julia moved here from the Cleveland area right after college. Some of her favorite things about living in NW Ohio are being able to do legal U-Turns and going over 25 mph on a main road. When she is not fulfilling her Ravenclaw dreams of working as a STEM teacher or moming, Julia is most likely rewatching The Office or rereading Harry Potter for the billionth time. Her favorite places are Target, Starbucks, and Disney World. Feel free to follow on Instagram @jwhalen1


  1. As someone who met and married an avid golfer almost 2 decades ago, this was a refreshing perspective to read. I’m never going to be a good golf partner for my husband (we’ve tried that!) but he is a happier Jim for all the time he spends on the links with his buddies or solo. And now that our sons are the ages they can enjoy the sport together, I’m glad I took the time to understand why the sport has always been so important to him, and I’m happy to see him share the love of the game with his sons.


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