The Bachelor: S24 Week 6


Looking for a detailed review of last night’s episode of The Bachelor?  You may have come to the wrong place. There will be a discussion of this week’s episode but with an unexpected twist. I have maybe broken a mom rule in what I did during the episode but it needed to be done. Get ready to gasp, I watched it with my three children. Is this viewing appropriate for children? Absolutely not, but we all may be selling our children short when it comes to their observations in day to day society.

This week’s episode took place in Peru with Pilot Peter and his six ladies in tow. As the episode begins, my nine-year-old son roams through the room, watches for a moment, and asks if Peter kisses all of the girls on the show. My reply of yes makes him shake his head.  He then responds with “well at least he can compare them all and figure out which one he likes best.” He then rolls his eyes and walks out of the room. If only this show was that simple.

As is typical, the ladies and Peter were out and about in Peru. Madison and Peter dined under the stars and she received a rose. Natasha and Peter dined on the street on one of Peter’s fav desserts from childhood. Kelsey and Peter went mountain climbing, ATV riding, and she received a rose as well. There was also a three on one date with Victoria F., Hannah Ann, and Kelly.

My fifteen-year-old was spot on with the ladies who are remaining. Per him, Natasha and Peter just don’t click and I am in total agreement with that. When Peter gave Victoria F. a rose he jumps out of his seat and utters his frustration under his breath. But the pure joy in his face when the ever so cocky Kelly was dismissed made it possible for him to finish the episode.

My daughter was very frank on her observations of the episode.  Her summation is that these women are kind of a “mess”.  And her biggest question is how Peter could choose someone to marry when meeting so many ladies at one time? She finished with this is just weird and decided to go to bed.

And then there were only two. My fifteen year old and I were the lone watchers left to finish the episode and see the teaser for next week. He makes the comment that dating seems hard enough in a “normal” setting. He can’t imagine trying to get to know someone with so many different girls around. The question I knew would be coming finally rears it’s head, “Would you do this?”

It depends on when in life I was asked this question. In my youth, absolutely not. Dating at that point in my life was a private affair. Who in their right mind would put these types of interactions out for the whole world’s eyes? Add a few years, life experience, and the era of social media and the answer to my oldest son is yes. Throw caution to the wind and allow the hopeless romantic that lives in all of us to blossom. This type of dating is far from traditional, but what is considered “normal” in today’s world anyway?

So at the end of watching The Bachelor with my kids, I realized that I had learned a couple of things. Our view of this show isn’t that much different than our kids. Just like us, they think this is kind of weird and can’t fathom meeting the love of their life in this manner.  But why not turn things around and give the answer we as adults would think our children would give?  Why not encourage “childish” behavior and the love of hopeless romanticism? Besides, who doesn’t love a rose ceremony?


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Dee Haman
Dee is a single momma of three dynamic kiddos and lives outside of Lima, Ohio. Previously a stay at home momma, she recently jumped back into professional life as a physician assistant. Since life didn’t feel action packed enough, the addition of a goldendoodle named Barkley seems to have added a perfect touch to their organized chaos. She has a new found passion for helping women to make themselves a priority everyday. Five years ago she experienced a drastic life change which gave her the opportunity to make catastrophe into the learning experience of a lifetime. Now she’s ready to share this knowledge with all of you.


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