The One Thing That I Let Go of This Past Year


I have this neat little habit of following my husband around when he is doing something around the house to make sure he is doing it ‘right’. For example; cooking in the kitchen. I love to sit there and give him suggestions on how to cut the onions or stir the soup. In my mind, I am being extremely helpful. In his mind, I’m critiquing his every move. I’m sure it makes him want to help more.

Obviously, I have control issues. Total Type A personality going on over here.

Anyone else?

Here’s the thing. I love being in control. I pride myself on doing ALL the things. Meal prepping/making, dishes, laundry, sorting through book bags, grocery shopping, cleaning up, homework, doctor appointments, Christmas shopping, wrapping presents….the list goes on and on. A year ago you would not have caught me dead asking my husband to help with anything regarding the house or kids. I did all of the things all while working a full-time job. Just keep adding things to my plate. Plan a huge birthday party and do everything myself? Sign me up. It’s almost like I loved having all of this stress in my life.

This is what us momma’s do right? We continue to do more and more and more. Get extremely stressed out yet, never ask for help from anyone. It’s almost like there is some inate part of our brain that will not let us ask for help from anyone, even our husbands. Believe me, my husband is more then willing to help me in anything that I need him to do. I just have to ask him to help.

Yeah, that’s a problem.

You can imagine by now that I lothe asking for help. What I really wanted in my mind is for my husband to know exactly what the house, myself, and kids needed and to just do it without me asking. How hard can that be? It was becoming a cycle that was maddening. I would get so frustrated with him not helping, but IĀ neverĀ asked him to help me.


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