The Results Are In: Mom’s Favorite Leggings


Ask any woman what her favorite legging is and without hesitation, she will tell you exactly what it is, where you can get it, how much they are, and what they are best for.

I myself am a Lulu devotee. Others love their Old Navy or Spanx.

I recently polled women (mostly via Facebook) on their favorite legging and I was FLOORED by the sheer number of responses. Not only that but people were straight-up passionate about their stretchy legwear.

Who can blame them? I know for me personally, they are literally part of my daily ensemble.

Jeans? Ew, I’d rather be waterboarded.

Workwear? slightly better but still, hard pass.

Leggings? Yeahhhhhhh, buddy. Sign me up. It’s like wearing jammies all day. Jammies that tuck you in in all the right places, move with you, support you and do everything just short of clean your house and cook dinner for your family.

Dramatic? Maybe. But I’m not wrong.

My research was extensive. I polled women from my Facebook friend list, my fellow Toledo Moms as well as over 15.5k women in a Peloton Mom’s Facebook group I belong to. Not all of them answered (THANK GOD), but I got a ton of responses! I give you without further adieu, Mom’s favorite leggings.

Favorite Overall Legging: Lululemon Align 

There was a very clear winner when I asked what women’s favorite leggings were. Hands down, the Lululemon Align legging won by a landslide. It hit favorites in a bunch of categories: working out, lounging and maternity. Women raved about their “buttery softness”, “high-rise waist” and “overall support” to keep things comfortably in place.

Lululemon’s website says this collection of leggings are designed for “low-impact exercise like yoga or whenever you want to be really, really comfortable.”

The Align has different styles of leggings, including different lengths- great for short and tall girls- as well as pockets and slightly varying designs, but all with the same softness and comfort.

The price point ranges from $88-$128. I personally feel that they do not go on sale very frequently.

Advocates (myself included) say that Lululemon quality is top-notch and they will last you forever.

Favorite Leggings for Tall Girls: Old Navy Elevate 

Tall Girls tended to like Old Navy’s leggings, both for working out and lounging alike- specifically the Elevate with built-in sculpt. Benefits for this choice are high compression, “holds and sculpts”, and is great for any kind of workout.

Many tall girls that I heard from were disappointed in the selection available for inseams from different companies. Almost all taller girls were fans of the old navy leggings.

The price point for these varies on if ON is having a sale. At the time of writing, the Elevate’s are half off at $25. Normally they clock in at $49.95.

Favorite Bargain Price Legging: Colorfulkoala High Waisted Legging 

Of all the new leggings that I learned about, I’m most excited I learned about these. Lovers of the Colorfulkoala legging boast that they are “just like Lulu’s, but cheaper”.

These beauts can be found on Amazon and have an amazing price point of $25. Like, all the time. 23,029 5-star reviews and “#1 bestseller” title on amazon has GOT to be good.

These seem to be a winner for both price point as well as lounge-wear legging for a ton of women!

My best friend told me all about them as her quarantine and WFH legging.

I don’t know about you, but at $25, I can’t wait to give these bad boys a try!


Favorite “tucks you in all over” legging: Spanx

If you’re looking for a legging to hold it all together, look no further than Spanx. Overall, the brand itself boasts itself as “shapewear” meaning it’s going to give you the support you want! I don’t know about you, but I am most comfortable when my tummy isn’t constricted right in the middle and I feel like I can breathe!

Spanx offers that compression without being constricting.

I personally own a pair of faux leather ones and they are ah-may-zing for work, where I want to look a little dressed up but still be wicked comfortable!

The price range on these bad boys is a little steep, but like some of the other’s listed above, if you’re wearing them day in and day out, they’re well worth the dough!

Best maternity legging: Blanqi maternity legging

Tons of pregnant mommas (and even ones that were no longer pregnant but remember this legging being a winner from pregnancy) recommended this legging.

They are “unbelievably soft”, and feel super supportive to that growing belly.

One mom on my peloton group said she had 10 pairs she rotated through, she loved them that much.

Price point is less than some of the other winners here, clocking in at around $60.

They seem to also run sales fairly often!



The results were overwhelming! These were the ones that were repeat favorite among women polled again, and again, and again! What are your favorites? Got any to add?

Stay comfy, mama!

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Kaleigh resides in Perrysburg with her husband and two young children. Along with being “wifey” to her high school sweetheart and “Momma” to the sweetest sour patch kids, she is a nurse practitioner who specializes in dermatology. She enjoys art and crafting, with specific interests in hand lettering, painting, resin art, wreath making, and her third baby: the Cricut machine. She is also an avid distance runner and is very active in the Toledo running community as a Run Toledo Ambassador. She has a passion for sharing experiences in motherhood, the healthcare field, mental health and well being, local businesses, and running. Follow her on Instagram at @k.hennnny


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