Traditions: New and Old


Traditions: Old & New


When we think of traditions sometimes we think; big elaborate, mind blowing traditions. But the traditions I’m talking about are heartfelt, exciting, small but big and memorable.

What traditions does your family have? How do you celebrate birthdays? Anniversaries? Holidays? Other special events in your family. Traditions in our family have changed over time, some changes that have been hard changes and some that are so exciting and fun and we look forward too.

Everyone’s traditions are different, it’s suppose to be that way but often we find ourselves comparing. Instead of comparing maybe use that moment of wow as an opportunity to create your own first annual tradition. Traditions create memories, they take away the outside world for a moment and they bring joy.

Our family enjoys the simple traditions of Christmas. We put our tree up early, we start watching Christmas movies after Halloween, we read Christmas stories around the Christmas tree, each kiddo has their own small tree in their room, we drink hot Cocoa like it’s going out of style, and we order pizza and drive around looking at Christmas lights. Each year since I was little I’ve loved Christmas Eve service, we have carried this tradition on with our kids; but this year will look a little different. Create new traditions that will create new memories!

Ideas of traditions for Christmas:

•Watch a family Christmas movie each night/each week

•Bake cookies

•Read Christmas books

•Christmas Elves

•Candy Cane Hunt

•Wrap Christmas books you already have and unwrap one a day & read

•New pair of Christmas socks each day

•Make Ornaments

•Shop as a family

•Gifts for siblings from siblings

•Drive around & look at Christmas lights singing carols & eating snacks

•Write letters to Santa

•Go caroling

•Angel Tree gifts

•Put up Christmas tree together

•Go see Santa

•Christmas Eve at a family members house

•Christmas Eve Church service

•Christmas Day with family or at home

•Going to the Christmas Tree Farm


What are some traditions you would add?


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