We Can’t All Be Pinterest Moms


Oh, Pinterest. I love you. But I also don’t. Because as much as I try, I’ll never be a Pinterest mom.

You know what I’m talking about. The moms that send those cute lunches to school with the cut out sandwiches and veggies. The moms who are always baking and doing elaborate crafts with their children. Those perfectly coordinated and decorated parties.

I wanted to be that mom.

In fact, I tried to be that mom. I still scroll Pinterest and save all the cute little activities in hopes, maybe one day, I’ll be that mom.

But deep down I don’t think that will ever happen, and here’s why.

You see, I don’t like messes. I know, I know. I have 4 kids, messes are part of having kids. But purposely putting paints and glue and glitter out and encouraging a mess? That’s not for me. At all. Crayons, colored pencils and a coloring book or some paper are more my style.

Also, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I’ll be the first to admit I’m the farthest from artistic or creative. I can follow a recipe and make some killer meals, I’ll admit that. But ask me to decorate a cake or some cookies for my kids birthday and I shutter at the thought. It doesn’t sound fun to me. In fact, the thought of things turning out wrong makes me anxious. But still, I’ve tried. I’ve tried more times than I should have. So now, I just leave the cakes and cookies to the pros.

Then there’s those cute little lunches. You know, the cut out sandwiches. Some veggies and just a little tiny treat  Perfectly packaged in a bento box.

Once again, I tried.

For one, my school aged daughter is the pickiest kid I’ve ever met. She would look at me like I was crazy for even thinking of throwing a vegetable in her lunch box. Even if it was a cute little star or heart. Also, the waste. Like I said, picky kid. I can’t imagine throwing away part of her sandwich just to make it into a cute design. I also can’t get her to eat enough variety to make it cute or fun. Throw in the fact that lunches are usually made not long before loading the car for school, I don’t have the time for it.

Speaking of time, a lot of those projects are pretty elaborate. With 4 young kids running around it’s hard to find the time. A lot of projects I start end up unfinished. I personally don’t have the time to make coordinating decorations and snacks for a party. I wish I did, and maybe in the future, when the kids are older, I will. But for now, I’ll stick to store bought and time saving because that’s what works for me.

I admire all of the Pinterest moms. I love seeing everything you make. Seeing the perfectly decorated parties and cute little lunches make me happy. Sure, I’m jealous sometimes. But at the end of the day, I know we can’t all be that mom.

So here’s to the moms that would rather pay a professional to make that birthday cake, Amazon Prime those party decorations, or throw together that last minute lunch for school.

I see you, I am you. And we are awesome, too!

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Alyssa Johnson
Alyssa is a 30 year old stay at home mom and full time student who lives in Maumee, OH. She married her husband, Rob, in 2013 while living in Florida. After relocating and living in Minnesota for a year and a half, they moved and finally settled down in Northwest Ohio. She has four kids who keep her on her toes, Marley (8), Jude (6), Benny (4) and Cooper (2). They also have 2 cats and a wild goldendoodle. She loves taking naps, watching reality TV and working out (at home, because...kids) in any free time she gets. Her hobbies include online shopping and scrolling Pinterest for new recipes that, at most, half of the kids will eat. She is a bit of a hot mess and her life is crazy, so follow along with the chaos on her instagram @alyjohnson1413


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